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BBNaija will Gulp over $5 Billion, Here’s How? 

Since the inception of the renowned reality television show in 2006, BBNaija has continued to have millions of viewers that anticipate its next edition, especially among the boomers, gen X and gen Z.

Apart from the entertainment it brings to the viewers, the yearly show is a big brother franchise organised by MultiChoice Media and generates billions in revenue from its millions of viewers.

With over 400 million viewers, the BBNaija organiser sells advertisement slots to different business organisations. These slots are bidded for and run into millions and billions of naira.

In the 2021 Big brother Naija: Shine Ya Eye, Abeg, now known as Pocket, won the bid for the headline sponsor, which cost ₦2 billion. This was followed by Patricia, who paid ₦1 billion to be the associate sponsor.

This excludes other category sponsors and sponsorship. According to the CEO of DSTV in Nigeria, John Ugbe, over N4.3 billion was used to produce the season 6 BBNaija reality show.

With the official airing of the BBNaija season 7 by July 23, 2022, the event will see the gulping of more than N4.3 billion recorded in 2021. Let’s have a look.

BBNaija revenue channels

The cost of being a headline sponsor runs into billions of naira. Last year, Abeg paid N2 billion as the headline sponsor, followed by Patricia with N1 billion. This year, Pocket, owned by PiggyVest, is retaining its position as the headline sponsor, followed by Flutterwave.

Apart from the two sponsors, the show organisers sell category sponsorship and product sponsorship. The exposure value for the category sponsorship is N1,275,000,000, and the cost to the client is N750,000,000.

While the exposure value for the product sponsorship is N320,200,000, and the cost to the client is N200 million. This is not to mention other minor sponsorship from different organisations.

With over 400 million viewers of the program, the show will generate billions from its subscribers and voters. In the 2021 edition, BBNaija had over 1.3 billion votes. This represents a 44% surge from the 900 million votes recorded in 2020.


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The season 7 headline and associate sponsors


Last year, Abeg, a peer-to-peer online payment platform launched in 2020, served as the headline sponsor for BBNaija season 6. With the millions of viewers of the reality TV show, the fintech company gathered millions of tractions.

Within three months, the app downloads increased from 20,000 to 1.8 million. This represents 7000% growth. Due to the thousand growth, the fintech company will be the headline sponsor for the BBNaija season 7 edition.


Flutterwave is a payment gateway platform and one of Nigeria’s leading fintech companies. For season 7, the fintech company is teaming with Pocket as the associate sponsor for the new edition.

During the 2020 season 5, the company sponsored some of the tasks and cash-winning events, such as the Flutterwave Store Lockdown Shopping challenge in the edition.

Through the BBNaija platform, the transaction of the fintech increased from 107 million to over 140 million. This was from $5.4 billion to over $9 billion. This includes over 290,000 users. After 

After the event, the company received $170 million in series C funding, putting its value at over $1 billion.

What the sponsors gain from the event

From brand visibility

The sponsors will get immense publicity from the 7th season. They will be featured together with the BBNaija brand in every African country where it is aired. This also includes billboards, posters and social media handles. The more visibility, the more traffic sponsors get for their businesses.

Sponsorship Licensing and Revenue sharing

With the headline sponsorship, Pocket has the licensing rights. This gives it the right to charge co-sponsors. For instance, through tiered sponsorship. In this case, they settle Pocket, which is a source of revenue for the fintech.

There is a certain percentage share between the sponsors and the BBNaija reality TV show organisers.

While it is yet to be known what amount will be spent during the event and the profit margin, it is evident that all parties will be making millions at the end of the show.


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