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Tourism - July 16, 2022

5 Places to Live Your Best Life in Nigeria with a Lean Budget

In today’s hustle culture, there is still a need to live your best life even if you are on a budget because you only live once. The United Nations predicts that Nigeria’s life expectancy will be 55.44 years in 2022, a rise of 0.57 percent from 2021.

Besides higher life expectancy, vacations have many advantages. It can increase your productivity, decrease your stress levels, and improve overall mental and physical wellness.

It just takes a little break to reorient yourself, you may plan to take a trip and still live your best life even if you have a tight budget.

There are many tourist attractions in Nigeria that should be taken into consideration, allowing for rest and leisure right in our own backyard.

Here are 5 places to live your best life in Nigeria with a lean budget.


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1. Yankari Resort and Safari  

A sizable wildlife park called Yankari Resort & Safari is situated in Bauchi State in northeastern Nigeria. There are numerous warm natural springs there, as well as a huge variety of plants and animals.

Because of its prime location in the centre of the West African savanna, it offers travellers and vacationers a singular opportunity to observe animals in its natural setting. It is also one of West Africa’s most popular eco-travel locations.

Some of its attractions include wildlife, the Wikki warm spring, the Marshall caves, and many others.

Wikki Warm Spring admission fees are N2,000 for adults and N800 for kids and students. Student housing costs N1,800 per bed space, while studio suites cost N9,500 and business villas cost N236,000 per night.

In Yankari, feeding can range from 1,000 per meal to more for banquets. The cost of a chartered vehicle for a safari game viewing is N6,000 for students and N8,000 for non-students.

2. Ikogosi warm springs

Ikogosi, one of Nigeria’s tourism destinations, is home to the natural wonder of two springs. Another cold spring flows alongside the warm spring, and the two meet at a confluence while still retaining their thermal characteristics.

With prices for meals ranging from N2,000 to N5,000 and lodgings costing between N13,600 and N31,300, it’s a nice place to get away from the city’s congestion. The cost to enter the hot springs is N500.

3. Idare hills 

The scenery of Idanre Hills is what makes it famous. Due to its wealth of cultural landmarks, including “Owa’s Palace,” shrines, The Old Court, Belfry, Agbooogun footprint, thunder water also known as Omi Apaara, and burial grounds, the area has gained notoriety and been nominated by the country for the UNESCO World Heritage Site shortlist.

It is located at a height of three thousand feet above sea level and has a distinctive environment that the cultural landscape has absorbed. Hotels in the area start from N7,500 per night. Adventure tours start from N1,800 per adult.

4. La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort 

La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort is a beach resort with an African motif, a lagoon, and a forest.

Visitors to the resort get the chance to get up close and personal with a broad range of tropical flora and fauna, including snake trees, mangroves, several species of epiphytes, monkeys, squirrels, bats, and many species of birds, including kingfishers, sea hawks, egrets, and ducks.

Rooms start at N95,000 and combine modern luxury with hospitality with an African flavor.

5. Whispering Palms

Whispering Palms, a resort, may be found somewhere off the Lagos-Badagry Expressway. It is not a five-star hotel. 

Its main goal is to aid its clients in escaping. This resort’s appeal is that it is best experienced as a family or as a couple. 

Some attractions available include a zoo, boat trips, and bicycle rides. Prices for rooms start at N20,000.


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