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Visionaries - July 19, 2022

5 Business Lessons to Learn from Logistics Whiz, Miishe Addy 

The Logistic industry is globally male-dominated. However, Miishe Addy, a female entrepreneur, is making her mark and creating paths for others through her logistic company, Jetstream Africa.

Her decision to follow her intuition in 2018 has earned her over three years of experience in the industry. By adopting the groupage method, she has been able to help reduce some of the bottlenecks in the Ghanaian port system and the continent.

Thus, disrupting and solving some logistic problems affecting cross-border supply in the continent. This move also added her to the 36.5% of women who are entrepreneurs and disrupting the business sphere in Ghana. 

Here are some business lessons to learn from Miishe Addy.

Make sure to solve a problem

Although born and raised in the United States, the Ghanaian entrepreneur quickly recognised some problems in her homeland, Ghana. She discovered that though the continent has more borders than any other, the logistic channels are unstructured. 

This, in turn, made business expensive. But she has been solving some of the global supply chains by leveraging technology and human resources.

Just do it

In an interview, Addy advised vibrant people to go ahead and solve problems that need them and now wait for the perfect time.  “…I think for many high-achieving women or women who are creative problem solvers, many times there’s a lot of pressure to get things perfect or to get things right.

And I would say that if you have an idea of a problem you want to solve, and you have the intuition that technology could make that solution scale bigger or faster or to more people, do it. Don’t wait till it’s perfect — just do it,” she said.

Know yourself

Self-reflection helps you know yourself better. Knowing yourself will also help you trust your intuition. The importance of this cannot be overemphasised. She believes if allowed to go back in time, what she will tell herself is the three simple words: ‘trust your intuition’.

Miishe considered it the most important lesson she has learned on her entrepreneurial journey. She said, “One thing I know about myself is that my intuition is often right. The things that I believe are going to happen in the world and that are going to materialise are accurate.

And sometimes, I doubt my intuition, or I’ll ask many people for their opinions because I want to get things right. But more often than not, I have a big-picture view of the solution when I’m closest to the problem”.

Her intuition led her to launchJetstream, which solves cross-border supply chain problems.


Miishe Addy, Taking over the Continents Logistics Industry

Never give up

The world is filled with creative and talented ready to cause a positive change. However, these people lack the needed opportunity, platform, and moral and financial support. Though this is discouraging, she believes they should not give up.

She said, “If you have an idea or a startup you want to fund, and you have been rejected, there is always another investor around the corner willing to fund.

For whatever is setting you apart from the norm or setting you apart from the ideal standard, entrepreneurship is just an excellent way to make your luck and define a path for yourself that is not reliant on gatekeepers”.

Make your business stand out

Doing this will help you differentiate your business from the lot and have a certain percentage in the market. Before starting her business, she discovered that to export to countries such as the United States or Europe, you need a full container.

She used this to give her company an edge in the industry. Jetstream is the only company that has a regular less than container load service for agricultural exports. This allows different shippers to share a container. It combines goods such as aw honey, vegetable oils, cassava products, and spices in the same container.


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