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Lifestyle - July 26, 2022

Become a Citizen in UK, Europe, Singapore by Investment from Nigeria, Expert Md Badsha Fahad Discusses

We can’t emphasise any further the vast opportunities for Nigerians to become citizens in foreign countries by investment. In this session, with partner at Citinavi, Md Badsha Fahad, we discuss how you can invest in the UK, European countries, Singapore, Hongkong, Russia, India and more, and become a citizen.

BEA: What inspired you to launch Citizen by Investment in Nigeria?

Md Badsha Fahad: Nigeria is one of the fast-growing and developed country among the African countries. Its economy is stable. We want clients from Nigeria.

The Antigua Citizenship by Investment Program (CIP) was introduced in 2013 as a way for foreign nationals to secure citizenship in the Country in exchange for making a significant contribution to its economy.

The CIP contributes to the economy by promoting job creating investments, encouraging tourism and real estate developments, and through direct contributions to the Country’s National Development Fund.

BEA: What countries are available for investment?

Md Badsha Fahad: One of our most popular programs at the moment is the Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program, which grants citizenship and passport within 6 months only, offers the Caribbean CIP’s best passport with 165 visa-free countries (including UK, Europe, HK, India, Russia, Singapore, and many more), and is the most affordable “government donation” CIP in the market.

More and more business people are obtaining this citizenship to secure freedom of movement, facilitate asset relocation, implement tax strategies and ensure their children benefit from the liberties a second citizenship will offer them throughout their lives.

Antigua also happens to offer the safest real estate investment market in the Caribbean CIPs because it is a larger economy and a more populous country. You can read more attached about our project Verandah Estates – what is especially attractive is that the investor should be able to recuperate his capital after the holding period because they will have freehold title of a property in a true residential project, where even locals live and work.

Processing-time is 6 to 9 months. Passport is issued within this period by DHL or other courier services at the home-country of the investors. Investors are not required to visit or stay in Antigua and Barbuda to complete the process.

Program Benefits:

  1. Visa-free travel to 165 countries, including Europe, the UK, Singapore, Russia, India and many more.
  2. Secure banking system offers a safe place to deposit funds in a tax-friendly jurisdiction.
  3. Fast processing (3 to 6 months)
  4. Simple documentation
  5. Children up to the age of 30, unmarried siblings, and parents over the age of 55 can qualify as dependents.
  6. Stable and appealing social and political life. The country is known as a luxury travel destination.

BEA: Is it a registered company?

Md Badsha Fahad: MBF Consulting International Ltd is incorporated in the Republic of Seychelles as an International Business Company since 27th October, 2020.

BEA: How secured are investments on your platform?

Md Badsha Fahad: The investments are paid into a CIU-controlled escrow account. Government controls the funds, therefore it is safe and secure.

BEA: What are your investment plans?

Md Badsha Fahad: Our investment options are:

• USD100,000 National Development Fund (NDF) Contribution

• USD150,000 University Donation*

• USD200,000 Real Estate Investment

* Available for families of a minimum of 6 persons.

Most popular Real Estate option: We are pleased to introduce you to Verandah Estates, Antigua’s premier residential villa development and CIP-approved project.

Verandah Estates is a 25-acre gated community developed by Elite Island Resorts, one of the Caribbean’s most successful property development and management groups. 

Investment highlights are as follows:

  • Fully furnished villa, built on 10,000 sq.ft. pieces of land, with appliances, splash pool, and landscaping;
  • 2-bedroom models are US$400,000, 3-bedroom models are US$450,000. The properties offer the best price-per-square-foot in the Caribbean CIP market, which demonstrates its excellent value;
  • Applicants can also qualify for the program by purchasing HALF of a villa since the minimum investment level is only US$200,000. Contact us for more details.
  • Desirable gated community in excellent location near world-class beaches, resorts, and a national park.;
  • Investment can be made jointly by two investors, qualifying both families for the CIP;
  • Freehold real estate investment with title deed over both land and standalone villa;
  • Income-producing rental program, offering turn-key solutions for investors;
  • No ownership expenses: property taxes, homeowner’s insurance, contents insurance, homeowners’ association assessments, gardening, splash pool maintenance and utilities are paid by the manager. Buyers will have no expenses to incur, guaranteed
  • Clear and simple exit strategy after the 5 years holding period;
  • Professionally managed and maintained by the developer;
  • Streamlined purchase and CIP application process. Buyers will obtain their Antigua & Barbuda passport in 3 to 6 months.

The project’s location is excellent, being walking distance to Antigua’s best beach, excellent restaurants, bars and other amenities, and a short drive to the capital of St. John’s, the airport, an excellent hospital, and more.

The price for Antiguan citizenship & passport via this investment option starts at US$255,000 for a family of four! And that includes the US$200,000 real estate asset that can be sold after five years, so the net price of citizenship could be as low as US$55,000 for four persons! 

BEA: Can the average Nigerian take advantage of this opportunity?

Md Badsha Fahad: Ofcourse, Nigeria is a big market. We want Nigerians as a potential client to invest in Antigua and Barbuda. USD 100000 is a donation option which can be afforded by a average individual who works in a IT or multi-national firm.

BEA: What do you think of Africa’s ecosystem?

Md Badsha Fahad: African continent is a huge market for investors. We would like to explore the market with all our means. We want our campaigns to bring fruits very soon. Our expectations is to reach each and every African country in future.


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