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Visionaries - July 27, 2022

Meet Ikenna Ordor, the Nigerian Taking Over the $15 Billion Car Rental Industry

Ikenna Odor is the brain behind Starr Luxury Cars – think about Airbnb, but for cars. The luxury car rental company is a household name among celebrities like Rihanna, Trey Sonz, P-Diddy, Tiwa Savage, Banky W, and DJ Cuppy.

Odor’s car rental company, which boasts the largest fleet of luxury cars in the UK, delivers a luxurious life, on wheels, to anyone who can afford it. And the man behind it all is none other than Nigerian born, entrepreneur, Ikenna Ordor.

Born in Nigeria, Ikenna Ordor moved to the UK at the young age of 14.

The birth of Star Luxury Cars is a good case study for anyone out there looking for inspiration on how to find inspiration for that next breakthrough idea.

Rising from a lack of interest in the regular eight to five, Odor settled into the entrepreneurial world by venturing into the entertainment sector, largely influenced by the night life he experienced while studying at Birmingham City University. 

He had worked as a nightlife promoter for some of the UK’s elite night clubs where he hosted A-list artistes such as Alicia Keys, Drake, P-Diddy and many others. On how he got into the entertainment business, he revealed thus:

“I ended up in entrepreneurship almost mistakenly when I decided to host an event one night with just a few friends. I liked the idea that we’d be able to create so much profit in one night from doing something we loved,” he said in an interview with Forbes.

From his involvement in running his entertainment firm, Odor was inspired to set up Starr Luxury Cars when he realised that the entertainers he worked with needed luxury car rides without being burdened with maintenance and the responsibility that comes with ownership of these wonders on wheels.

The company presently boasts of an impressive array of luxury cars in its fleet ranging from Mercedes S-Class, Bentley Mulsanne and Rolls Royce. 

Others include the latest Rolls Royce Phantom VIII, the Lamborghini Urus, Ferrari Portofino, and the GTC4Lusso 488.

Aside from being inspired by his experiences, Odor also credits his penchant for entrepreneurship to the influence his mom had on him. He revealed that his childhood shaped him and all he does now.

“I grew up in Nigeria, and when I was about 14 (years old) I moved over to the UK. My mum was a grafter; she bought houses and was always interested in buying and selling. I always emulated that–I’d go take trips to look for houses to purchase. I’d say my influences really came from watching my mum. She has come to be a very successful woman in her own right and she didn’t even go to school.” Ordor said.

Odor’s story holds a lot of key takeaways for young entrepreneurs and wannabes out there. One is that the opportunities to excel and stand out are all around us, in the daily experiences we go through. You only need to look deep and look around , and you will see the opportunities to make a mark.

Speaking with Ventures Africa, Odor gives insight into what inspires the ventures he gets involved in.

“When I enjoy an activity or a service, there is a natural calling to want to share experiences with my network, which births thoughts of the feasibility of the opportunity and the financials – I am an adventurous entrepreneur, and I tend to press GO very quickly on new ideas. That is how I created Starr Luxury, a company I have been running for five years,” he said.

It is interesting to note that, beyond cars, the Starr Luxury brand is into other businesses such as real estate, private jet hire, and hospitality. 

Odor studied Business and management at Birmingham City University, and International Business management at The London Metropolitan University.


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