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Career Tips - July 29, 2022

10 Digital Products You Can Create and Sell in Nigeria

Digital products are any item you can create or sell online. It doesn’t have a physical shape or substance. There are so many digital products you can create and sell in Nigeria.  

You can create a digital product that is worth selling with nothing more than a computer, smartphone, and internet connection. There is no requirement for physical resources, manufacturing, or a sizable workforce.

The world ‌is becoming more and more varied. People are now earning substantial passive income from digital products they create.

Digital goods are considered the simplest and most affordable entry point for every budding entrepreneur.

Here are 10 digital products you can create and sell in Nigeria.


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1. Ebooks

One of the most popular digital goods among consumers is the ebook. Since they can be created with just some text and appropriate photos, they are rather easy to create.

Distributing ebooks on significant marketplaces or independently developed online stores is simple. Customers may read them on e-readers, tablets, laptops, and even mobile phones, making them simple to consume.

2. Graphics and digital art

Numerous distinctive and priceless things can be made by graphic designers and artists. Access to a sizable consumer base is made possible by selling digital files.

This is a fantastic way to earn money online because it makes use of abilities you already have from your day job.

A few examples of graphics or digital arts are logos, brand kits, design templates, Adobe files and templates, Affinity designer and affinity photo, templates, PowerPoint themes, original artwork, NFTs, and clip art.

3. Music and audio

Audio and music are potent message-transmitting tools. They can calm, educate, motivate, and inspire people.

Audio items can include audiobooks, music samples, foreign language classes, and soothing background noises. They can also include recorded lectures.

4. Photography

One of the most popular digital items nowadays is high-quality, premium photographs. Bloggers and website owners are the biggest users of online images.

You can sell a wide variety of images, including portraits, stock photographs, drone photos, photos of events, and backgrounds.

5. Software

The software industry is enormous and constantly expanding. There are many chances.

In the coming years, it is expected that the worldwide software market will be valued at more than $1 trillion.

Every day, people use computers and mobile devices. Apps that consumers want and need to expedite daily routines and commercial operations can be created by coders and product developers. The most lucrative digital item might be software.

6. Cloud design app template

Apps for web-based cloud design, including Canva and VistaCreate, are expanding swiftly.

With these apps help, professionals and newbies may easily create stunning designs using only a web browser. 

They are used by tens of millions of people. And as social media expands, things will only get better.

For this developing market, templates are for sale. Utilise your existing design talents. A free Canva for VistaCreate account is all you need.

7. Video

Video is a very common and efficient media for internet information delivery. Content may be instructive, entertaining, or informational. To learn faster, some people choose to view videos at 1.5x or 2x speed.

Users adore video and are most often pleased to pay for it. You can sell a variety of video formats. A few examples include online training programs, drone footage, motion graphics, special effects templates, product reviews, and video game gameplay.

8. Fonts 

Fonts and typefaces are excellent examples of digital goods that are constantly in demand. Designers continually need fresh fonts since consumer preferences are continuously changing.

Fonts can be produced and shared online by web designers or in desktop programmes like Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Word.

9.  Courses

Online education is very popular right now. E-Learning is a separate sector of the economy. This sector has a lot of innovation, rapid growth, and momentum.

As it expands, established educational institutions are beginning to look at new avenues for making their content accessible to online students.

Online courses can be sold in one of three ways, as a standalone course, as a collection of courses, frequently with a certificate, degree, or other incentive awarded upon completion, or as a membership or subscription to a course catalogue.

10. Ticket 

In contrast to other digital goods, tickets are typically tied to a time-based event at a physical location. 

However, just like most other digital goods, tickets can be purchased online. Customers don’t need to engage with anyone during their website visit, selection process, checkout, or quick ticket delivery.


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