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Entertainment - August 1, 2022

Steve Harvey: 5 Business Lessons to Learn from Multi-Millionaire Media Maven

Steve Harvey is one of the outstanding figures in comedy in the United States of America. Apart from being a comedian, the on-air personality excels in different ventures, such as being an author, entrepreneur, and investor.

With his determination to succeed, he weathered the days he had no house to sleep in but his 1976 Ford. He achieved it all despite not graduating from the university.

He said, “It really threw my life into a downward spiral, and I regret not getting that degree”. With thirty- seven years of experience, here are some business lessons to learn from Steve Harvey.

Have the right money attitude

According to Harvey’s quotes, “It’s way better to have money than not.” and “Money allows you to become more of who you are”. He believes money is not everything and does not make you happy. Indeed, money is needed to survive, but it does not bring satisfaction.

Hence, he hardly recommends it to anyone. Instead, have a positive mindset about money as it only brings out the real you. Having the right attitude towards money will help you use it wisely. Remember, life is not just for those with the means to live it, but also for those with the will to live.

Patience is a virtue

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One of the key attributes needed to be successful in business is the ability to be patient. While starting your business is good, it is not the same day or year the business will be profitable. For some, it takes years of invested time and money. 

Since business takes time to yield returns, you need to be patient. Having patience will help you cultivate your business over time. This way, your business becomes successful and generates the desired financial goals.

Though mistakes are sometimes acceptable in business, having this ability will help you to avoid irrational and hasty decisions and unnecessary mistakes. It is a business virtue that is necessary for your success.

Always ask yourself, “What next?”

In his book ‘Act Like A Success, Think Like A Success,” he said, “There always has to be a what’s next.” The lack of this means you have stopped growing. You are not challenging yourself and pushing yourself to surpass your comfort zone. 

For you to be successful in whatever you are doing, there must always be a next step. This shows there is continuous growth in your business. Failure will see you exit your business or be left behind. Just as humans are dynamic, the same is true in business.

Asking yourself what’s next also gives you the drive to achieve the next objective. You will be surprised that every successful entrepreneur has what is next planned out. It is a constant variable in their lives. Make it yours too.

Keep your vision simple

Steve Harvey
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The multi-millionaire works with this scripture verse, “Write the vision and make it plain. So he who reads it will run to it, and even though it tarry, wait for it. For surely it will come at an appointed time.”

Though scriptural, it works in the business world. With your vision written down, you can keep tabs on it and adjust it as you work towards it. It is one of the things wealthy people use to attain and maintain their wealth. 

Vision serves as the wheel that guides the business to what it is to achieve. No entrepreneur starts a business without a vision board. Due to its importance, make it flexible and straightforward as it can change over time. It is a success principle and a must-have for every aspiring and existing entrepreneur.

Surround yourself with the right set

To succeed in business, you need to surround yourself with the right people who complement your weaknesses. Steve Harvey believes the success of a business is in the details.

He is not very keen on details, so he hired financial experts with an eye for detail when making a financial investment. This way, they complement his ability to think of big ideas.

He thinks of the big pictures and gives them to his team. They analyse it and give him a detailed report. Without a keen eye for details, a business is liable to be a failure.


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