30 Africans Breaking Barriers in Healthcare
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Magazine - August 3, 2022

Meet the 30 Africans Breaking Barriers in Healthcare

Hello and welcome to this special edition of the Business Elites Africa! In this issue, we unveil 30 Africans Breaking Barriers in Healthcare; also blended with incisive articles, industry and business analysis, executive interviews, and exclusive company reports.

30 Africans Breaking Barriers in Healthcare

The faces behind these thrilling success stories all share one thing in common – undaunted sense of purpose, impeccable drive, and an unwavering mind.

The stories of Dr. Tagbo Arene, a Nigerian, and revered Psychiatry Specialist in the United States; Dr. Olurotimi Badero, a renowned Heart and Kidney Specialist who found his purpose hidden in adversities; Dr. Folake Owodunni, leading the largest network of First Responders in Africa; Dr. Ambrose Bryant Chukwueloka, medical doctor turned oil mogul; Dr. Jay Osi-Samuels; Afe Babalola; Oluyinka Olutoye; just to mention a few.

At Business Elites Africa, we are purposed to tell the stories of Africa’s Elites. We reinvent brands, entrepreneurs and business managers. Africa remains largely the worst in the world in healthcare index. According to IFC’s new report, more than $30 Billion in new investments will be needed to meet Africa’s healthcare demands in the next decade.

Business Elites Africa is determined to elevate the continent of Africa. We’ll use the instrument of story-telling to accelerate entrepreneurship spirit and transform business thinking. Our core mission is to ensure that each edition of our esteemed publication delivers stories that matter. 

Africa cannot embark on full scale transformational changes desired for effecting growth in the continent without retooling.  Hence, Business Elites Africa, your conduit for business analysis, executive briefs, company reports, and actionable articles.

Enjoy the read!

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