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Opinions - August 4, 2022

5 Useless Things you Do with your Phone (And Why you should Stop!)

The evolution of the telephone to smartphones has made the communication medium and ease of doing business seamlessly. Despite its intrinsic role, there are still some useless things you do with your phone.

This is mostly borne out of the myths that are passed from one user to another. Gradually, it becomes a part of the dos and don’ts of using a phone, which unconsciously becomes a part of your habits.

Apart from the productive functions ascribed to phones, here are some useless things you do to your phone that need to stop.

Disconnecting charger for fear of overcharging

While safety is essential, long gone are the days when overcharging and electricity spillage happen. This was the era when inventors and innovators were trying to perfect phone batteries. Your phone’s battery has advanced, thus, there is no need for paranoia about electric spillage and overcharging.

To protect your phone, there is an inbuilt vent that discharges the heat and an electrical circuit that automatically stops the battery from charging and preserves its lifespan. Instead of believing the myth of overcharging and spillage, let your phone always cool off by not blocking the inbuilt vents with your phone case or pouch. 

Screen protector

The fact remains that there is no 100% screen protector. So ditch the idea of screen protectors to make your phone last longer. To ensure durability, some smartphones come with the latest Gorilla screen glass. This makes the phone’s screen durable.

Instead of thinking of buying screen protectors for your gadget, cultivate the habit of handling your phone correctly. Using screen protectors only makes the screen dull and reduces your user experience.


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Connecting to an unknown Wifi

It is generally known that people like freebies. More reasons you should not connect your phone to the network. Being free does not mean the network is safe and secure. Hackers and scammers use this medium to access confidential information that should be private. 

If you do not want to be caught in the situation, don’t connect your phone to a network you do not know about.

Closing the background apps

This notion dates back to technological evolution. Then and now, gadgets, such as personal computers (PCs), have background apps. These applications run in the background to ensure PC efficiency.

While this is true on PCs and refreshing frees up the read access memory (RAM), it is the opposite in smartphones. But some people believe otherwise. 

Though the apps in the background of your phones take up space in the RAM, they are in off mode. They can only be on when something is using your device location.

Also, if this will inconvenience the users, the manufacturer of your best phone brand will fix it before launching the product.

Only use the factory charger

This is one of the useless ideas that you need to jettison. While using your phone’s charger is good, it does not mean the charger won’t be faulty. When this happens, will you abandon your device?

This makes the idea stink. Apart from the possibility of getting the replica of your initial charger, it is also expensive. In the end, you will have to make do with good quality and reliable third-party phone chargers.


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