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5 Ways Happy People Spend Money

Getting the most for the least amount of money is typically our main priority when considering how to spend our money properly.

We browse retailers and download applications to find the most recent special offers and discounts; we are enticed by the daily deal or the momentary promotion.

But what if we defined how we spend money based on happiness? That is an entirely different method of considering our purchases and one that we don’t often do.

Fortunately, research on how various types of purchases impact our happiness has been ongoing for more than ten years, and it can help us convert buying into a happiness practice in and of itself.

Spending money in ways that increase your interaction with others seems to be the key.

Here are 5 ways happy people spend money. 


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1. Experiences

Source: Business Insider

Researchers discovered in a seminal 2003 study that purchasing experiences—such as going to an amusement park or getting coffee with a friend—improve our well-being more than purchasing stuff.

More than 1,500 respondents to several studies had a tendency to agree that experiential purchases improved their moods and were better investments than material ones.

2. Have a treat 

Our daily possessions become routine for us, but when they are a treat, they tend to make us happier.

Participants in a trial received chocolate. The study found that those who were able to give it up for a week relished it more than those who could have it every day.

List the things you once enjoyed but now seem commonplace.

Simply taking a vacation from them can help us spend less money while also perhaps improving our happiness.

Since the epidemic made us stop making many of our regular purchases, now is a good time to start making them all again, one at a time.

3. Buy time

Spending money to buy more time in your daily life is one underutilised method of boosting happiness.

People who buy their way out of the things they despise doing with their money are happier than those who don’t.

This may entail employing a cleaning crew or a family member to assist with errands.

4. Pay now, consume later

Source: Verywell Mind

According to research, when you pay in advance for an experience you will have later, you might benefit from the enjoyable moment of anticipation.

It does appear to be at least correlated with better financial outcomes when we invest in our future selves and sort of pay early for things we’re going to enjoy later.

5. Invest in others

When a study was done to see how pleased people were when given money, it was discovered that the givers also experienced happiness.

Contrary to popular belief, spending money on others makes people happier than spending it on themselves.


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