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The Ibadan Boy, Jay Osi-Samuels, Who Later Became a Medical Genius

The popular Jay Osi-Samuels is a health expert that has scaled exclusively in the Nigerian health sector. Jay Osi-Samuels has undoubtedly made a name for himself since he graduated from Harvard University with a Master of Science in Epidemiology. Osi-Samuels is from Edo state and was born on the 3rd of January, 1968, in Ibadan where he also grew up. He later lived in Lagos before travelling to the United States to further his knowledge in Medicine. 

Before Jay Osi-Samuels concluded his post-graduate studies at Harvard, he also studied Medicine and Surgery at the University of Ibadan from 1987-1994. He is also a participant in Hult International business school. All these activities gave him the basic foundations that he needed to fully explore the health sector in Nigeria.  

After his education, Osi-Samuels, the public health specialist, international health developer and health system strengthening, proceeded to invest his time in APIN.


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The Story Behind APIN Public Health Initiatives

Source: APIN

In the year 2000, APIN was developed and defined as a non-governmental organisation that specialises in the provision of prevention, care and treatment services to patients with HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Tuberculosis, Family Planning, Child Health and other non-communicable diseases of public health significance. 

Jay Osi-Samuels, who was the Deputy Chief Executive Officer joined this health initiative because he saw how it would make an impact on the communities and healthcare systems in Nigeria. APIN grew popular since its establishment and also stabilized a strong partnership with the Nigerian Government. 

APIN public health initiatives also attracted recognition from the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) and the U.S President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief. This recognition also came with funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. By 2007, APIN had already taken its grounds and stood as an independent NGO and also received grants from diverse countries. 

Jay Osi-Samuels also held the post of Director and Associate Director of Laboratory Services in APIN public health initiatives, where he successfully explored the health activities he has been practising for years. 

As Osi-Samuels was playing his cards right in the Nigerian health sector, he wanted to also have his foot in the political sector. 

Osi-Samuels Journey to Politics

Source: Daily Post Nigeria

Jay Osi-Samuels being the adventurous man that he has always been, decided to also explore Nigerian politics. In 2017, Osi-Samuels founded Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN), after his constant criticism of Nigeria’s politics. Osi-Samuels wanted to be the change that he sought and therefore, he single-handedly built and funded the ANN from scratch. 

In his words, he said “I could have stayed in my comfort zone and be watching, but I felt there was the need to get those in the corporate world and technocrats to get involved in the political process. I believe we could retire these old politicians if we are determined. If all of us keep saying it was not possible, then it won’t be”. 

Osi-Samuels explained that the party came off as an inspiration after an incessant meeting of young and patriotic Nigerians, Doctors, Lawyers, Professionals and even Engineers. In their gathering, they were always concerned about the state of governance in Nigeria and they felt they had a role to play. 

Osi-Samuels started his small political party with ten (10) participants but the number kept growing afterwards. In the wrong run, ANN fell into the wrong hands and ruined the efforts Osi-Samuels had thrived to build. 

But that did not break Jay Osi-Samuels. Osi-Samuels accepted that it was a nasty but chastening experience and he was glad that he contributed his quota to the political development of his fatherland. 

The Journey Back to The Health Sector

Since the incident, Osi-Samuels went back to sticking with his first calling. He still upholds his stand on stabilising public health and that death is prevented amongst Nigerians. 

It is his quest to see that innovative and sustainable approaches are created to address diseases of public health. 


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