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Profiles - August 7, 2022

Heard of Makinde Adeagbo, the Software Engineering Genius?

The resolute and tech-minded Makinde Adeagbo does not fail to make his way into anything that concerns technology. His passion was partly instigated by his parents encouraged Adeagbo’s interest in science and math by registering him in multiple programmes during the summer.

Adeagbo on his own learned how to programme games using the graphing calculator. Both Middle school and High school had channels through which he learned science. 

Just right after he got a bachelor’s degree in computer science and electrical engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he continued with the chase. 


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Making Some Tech-Savvy Moves

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In 2003, Makinde Adeagbo proceeded to work as a research and development intern at Brown-Forman Corp. Like that was not enough, he signed up to work with Apple in 2005 as an engineering intern. Adeagbo got his third internship at Microsoft in 2006.   

He kept improving his skills which landed him his first full-time job on the Facebook company as a Software Engineer on the 1st of August, 2007. A few years later Makinde Adeagbo also worked as a software engineer at Bridge International Academies. From there, he still explored down to Dropbox and worked as a software craftsman in 2011. Working at Pinterest as a software engineer and engineering program in 2013 was his last job before he decided to make something personal from his acquired knowledge.

Makinde Adeagbo admitted that working in these firms helped him get a better idea of what he wanted. In total, Makinde had a sum of 7 past jobs before settling in for something better. 

Inventing Dev and Color

Makinde Adeagbo founded dev and color in May 2015. The purpose of his invention was to make sure every black software engineer has the right connections, resources and support they need to prosper. Dev/color is a global career accelerator for black software engineers, technologists, and executives. 

Makinde Adeagbo started his small firm in a small way, but it has grown to accommodate a community of over 600 professional members. Dev/color has also welcomed leaders that have participated in the mentorship programs the firm offers. These engineering leaders come together to solve pressing challenges which they face together as squads. 

Makinde also built Dev/color to accelerate the collective advancement of black technologists, increase access to executive leadership, and increase accountability for racial equity. In summary, he frowns against racism and tries to bring together all black engineers to form a community where they can help each other with anything. 

Why It All Started

Source: The Compiler

Makinde further stated that he ventured into this invention because, over the years, black leaders have been excluded from the fastest-growing technical careers in the world. For this reason, Makinde Adeagbo built a small group of fellow black software engineers to accommodate them since the world would not have them. 

The Dev/color community has enabled them to be available for each other, by having each other’s backs and helping one another grow. He also formulated a peer mentorship programme called the “A Star” (A*). With these motives, black software engineers can have a career, become tech-savvy and start companies across the country. 

Adeagbo also opened his arms up to other black software engineers to share their stories and allow his current members to form deep bonds and support each other in any way they can. 

Makinde Adeagbo has always advised aspiring and practising engineers not to bundle themselves in while trying to achieve their goals. He would always say,  “Try not to limit yourself”


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