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Entrepreneurs - August 8, 2022

5 Most Important Laws of Power 

Money and power frequently mingle. The worst historical figures come to mind when considering the concept and laws surrounding power.

But keep in mind that when you lack power, you lose control over some of the most crucial aspects of your life, just as a lack of money will result in frustration, insurmountable challenges, and a poor quality of life. Having power is quite normal, and it is not a bad thing.

In this context, having power does not entail being abusive, manipulative, or acting in a tyrannical manner. These laws surrounding power entail gaining more influence over significant aspects of your life. As well as the capacity to improve outcomes. To enhance both your own and others’ lives.

Here are five important laws of power.


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1. Leave out what you can’t change

Source: USA Today

The powerless pass their time wishing for better circumstances in their lives. The powerful take charge and improve their lives.

We all know where we want improvements, from our government to our bodies. But there are some we have a better chance of fixing than others.

Make a list of everything you want to change and categorise it into what you can control and what you can’t.

Stop worrying about the things that you cannot alter. There is no point in worrying about things you cannot change. But start working on the things you can improve right away.

Start formulating a plan to settle those debts. To exercise, to acquire a better-paying job.The powerful take initiative, so start working on it right away.

2. Just act

Some people talk about how they’re going to begin organising their funds. Start losing weight, looking for a better job, or giving up smoking. The next year we see them again, and they are in the exact same place; still broke, unfit, and depressed.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t discuss your plans. Simply do what you were about to say when you find yourself about to say it for the tenth time.

3. Use stronger persuasion

Anyone with power is skilled at persuasion. Getting others to pay attention to you is necessary if you want to have an impact.

Shouting the loudest is not the best strategy for achieving this. Instead, support your position with logical arguments.

Watch presentations and debates to learn how people defend their positions and see how persuasively they construct their arguments. Then work on doing it on your own. Additionally, be sure you have the facts straight before arguing a position.

4. Defend your own interests

People who don’t speak up for themselves frequently do so out of a fear of conflict. Don’t belong to that group. Never forget that disagreements arise in life.

Don’t try to find it. However, ignoring it makes you a weakling. That implies that you never establish the rules or limitations yourself. You allow others to establish your goals for you.

Making the case to your manager for a pay increase might be involved in this case. Or speaking out if you’ve had poor customer service.

But always be fair. Avoid going too far by acting forceful or entitled. Your authority and credibility will increase due to this.

5. Make a great network

Source: Freepik

Nobody can do whatever they set out to do on their own. Everyone needs others to aid them. That translates to trustworthy people.

That includes close friends and acquaintances who offer assistance, counsel, and criticism. Additionally, you’ll give them the same items in exchange in other circumstances.

Your value will increase and you’ll be able to draw better people into your network the more knowledgeable, qualified, and trustworthy you are.

Or it might be people you work with or pay, like an excellent attorney or financial advisor, dependable coworkers or vendors.

You’ll have far more leverage to accomplish your goals if you have the right people in your network.


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