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Uncategorized - August 10, 2022

10 Tips to Sell to Nigerians and Earn Big

Following the right tips can make it easy for you to sell your services to Nigerians and earn big.  

In the market, selling is a daily activity. Value is traded in markets, and no transaction can ever be balanced without a sale.

In Nigeria, engaging in any economic activity demands an in-depth understanding of the market and target audience.

There are a few things to know and talents to hone if you want to sell anything to Nigerians and earn big. Having the right knowledge makes selling to Nigerians simple.

Here are 10 tips to sell to Nigerians and earn big.


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1. Sell What They Want

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Most Nigerian vendors sell what they believe the customers need rather than what they actually want. This is one of the many errors people make.

No matter how amazing a product or service might seem, if Nigerians don’t really want it, they won’t pay for it. If you don’t sell what they want, you’ll end up patronising yourself.

2. Sell the goods or service when the customer really wants it

If Nigerians don’t purchase your goods or services, you won’t make much money.

When they are waiting for something, Nigerians are impatient. Because they want something so badly, they are willing to go above and beyond to get it.

Nigerians are not deterred by prices from obtaining their desired goods unless they lack the necessary funds.

3. Make purchasing from you simple for them

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Nigerians deal with issues every day. When commuting to work and getting home from work in major cities, people frequently experience traffic bottlenecks. This makes the vast majority of city dwellers easily edgy and agitated.

Customers don’t necessarily need to physically visit your place of business, especially those for whom you have their records, if the circumstances don’t call for it. You could also bring their orders right to their door.

4.  Set a fair price for your goods or services

The majority of Nigerians are drawn to your goods or services by their price, which can also drive them away.

Nigerians dislike being taken advantage of or scammed, as they are known to say. They carefully consider your goods or services before buying.

They won’t just disregard your business if they think you’re charging too much for your goods or services; they’ll also urge others not to do business with you.

5. Know how to recover your money  

You cannot sell to Nigerians without selling on credit. And if you don’t know how to get your money back from people’s hands, your business won’t last long.

When selling to Nigerians, you must have money recovery knowledge; if you don’t have it, you risk going out of business rapidly.

6. Avoid coming off as desperate when selling

Nigerians are skilled at detecting desperation from afar. You must not come across as desperate if you want to sell a good or service to Nigerians.

Not that you don’t want to make money, but don’t let this be obvious; otherwise, your customers would not want to buy from you or they would underprice your goods.

Nigerians also dislike being compelled to make purchases they don’t want to make. They’ll think you’re desperate if you try to force them to buy.

7. Be there for them when they need you

In general, small business owners should be accessible to their clients and consumers whenever a need arises. Customers adore doing business with companies that respect their time and are readily available to serve their needs.

As previously stated, Nigerians are impatient when they want something badly, and they will purchase it from businesses that are present in the marketplace.

When you are unavailable, they rapidly switch to any open business to suit their needs.

Being accessible through a variety of platforms puts you a step ahead of the competition and will increase your sales.


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