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Entrepreneurs - August 15, 2022

Easy Ways to Relocate to Canada from Nigeria

Nigeria’s economy continues to worsen, and a lot of people are leaving the country for greener pastures. If you are looking for the easiest way to relocate to Canada from Nigeria, then this is for you. 

From the report released by the Express Entry Year-End report for 2020, 6.5% of the people that received permanent residency are from Nigeria, ranking it third after India and China.

To further boost the economy, Canada plans to accept between 411,000 and 421,000 immigrants between 2022 and 2023. While travelling there has a lot of prospects, the lack of proper information makes it impossible for some people.

However, with the proper information and planning, travelling abroad can be a dream come true for you. Consider the following easy paths to Canada. 

Relocate to Canada from Nigeria by becoming a provincial nominee

Every province in Canada has specific labour to meet the economy’s needs. Hence, each province targets a specific set of people with the proper education, skills, and work experience to provide value to their province’s economy.

The programme allows each province to nominate the right people to settle in the area. To qualify for this, you must have the needed skills, qualifications, and work experience for the province you want to live in and apply for nomination to the province.

Once approved, you must submit another application to the government for Canadian permanent resident status.

Relocate to Canada from Nigeria via the Express Entry System

The Canadian government created this to proffer a solution to the lack of labour force in the Canadian economy.

This consists of immigration programmes that allow skilled people to relocate to Canada as residents. It offers some federal programmes, such as:

  • Federal Skilled Trades Programme is for migrants who are certified and skilled in specific trades.
  • Federal Skilled Worker Programme is for skilled workers with a minimum of one year of work experience.
  • The Canada Experience Class is for migrants who have worked in specific professions in Canada for at least one year.


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Relocate to Canada from Nigeria with a Canadian Work Permit

Relocating to Canadian can be a walk in the park if you can secure employment in the country. From CanadaVisa, more than 300,000 foreign workers come to Canada yearly on temporary work permits. With this, you will be excused from the bottlenecks faced by tourist visa applicants.

While all you need is your employment letter, securing employment in the country might not be straightforward. However, it is possible to secure one. Once you successfully secure a job, the company will give you an employment letter that you will use to process your work permit application.

Relocate to Canada from Nigeria through the Study process

Travelling to Canada to study gives you an easy way to become a permanent resident of the country. As an international student, you have various programs to choose from to become a resident once you graduate. 

Here are some of the ways:

  • Ensure to work for 20 hours a week during the academic sessions and full time when on break.
  • Relocate your spouse through a Canadian government programme called open full-time work permit. Your spouse can work full time, without limitations.
  • Get your post-graduate work permit after graduation. You’re entitled to a permit for years of study in Canada. If you study for three years, you are eligible for three years work permit to gain what is called the “Canadian experience.”

You can relocate to Canada from  Nigeria with the Startup Visa Programme

This is given to qualified immigrant entrepreneurs. It selects innovative entrepreneurs and connects them with private sector investors in the country. This will aid them in executing and establishing their business in the country.

Before qualifying for permanent residency, prospective entrepreneurs can travel to the country on a work permit supported by their investors.


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