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Business - August 16, 2022

10 Business Ideas that Thrive in a Developing Country

Generally, it is believed that there are fewer business ideas to implement in developing countries. However, that’s no longer accurate. 

The majority of developing nations have abundant natural resources. There are numerous things to discover. In fact, it might sometimes be simpler to explore new businesses in this area because the market hasn’t yet been saturated.

A lot of people have been able to come up with great business ideas that worked, despite being born in developing countries. Mike Adenuga, Patrice Motsepe, Mohamed Al-Fayed, and Shyam Bhartia, among others, have demonstrated that it is possible to be a truly successful entrepreneur even in a developing nation.

These people could recognise possibilities where most people saw obstacles, and they took advantage of those opportunities.

Here are a few profitable business ideas for developing countries.


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#1 Business idea that can thrive in developing countries: Freelancing 

Source: Entrepreneur

One of the quickest and least expensive businesses that anyone can start is freelancing. There are several websites that connect those who need help with jobs and people who are prepared to complete them in exchange for payment.

Numerous people can now work from home due to websites that offer freelancing services like Fiverr, Upwork, and Seoclerk, among others.

One can choose from a wide range of specialities on these websites and specialise in things like graphic design, digital marketing, video services, authoring articles and e-books, advertising, music, or programming. 

When you provide the service that the customer purchased from you, you will be paid.

#2 Business idea that can thrive in developing countries: Comedy Skits

Making others laugh gives you another chance to launch a lucrative career.

One way many people are making waves in the entertainment world is through standup comedy. If you have a gift for comedy, you too could become the next big thing. Create short skits, then upload them on TikTok or YouTube.

Your earnings increase as more people consistently watch and subscribe to your channel.

#3 Business idea that can thrive in developing countries: eCommerce Business

It goes without saying that the emerging markets for eCommerce in the modern era are developing countries.

So starting an online store is very beneficial in developing countries. When your product list isn’t too long, you can focus on marketing items that will bring in the most money for your clients.

#4 Business idea that can thrive in developing countries: Fish farming

Source: The Guardian Nigeria

There are several water bodies and resources available for launching a fish farming business.

You will require significant financial resources, as well as access to land and high-quality water bodies, to launch a successful fish farming enterprise.

#5 Business idea that can thrive in developing countries: Tutoring service

If you enjoy teaching, you might want to think about starting a tutoring service with almost little financial outlay. You can start tutoring on a part-time basis even if you already work a 9 to 5 job.

#6 Business idea that can thrive in developing countries: Retail store

In developing nations, where there is a very high population density, retail operations have a higher success rate. Additionally, you can think about starting a speciality retail business with a low initial cost.

A successful retail firm must have access to products of higher quality, a stronger supply chain, and a one-stop shop with a wide range of brands and products.

#7 Business idea that can thrive in developing countries: Computer-related business

Developing nations are typically a major market for both computer-related goods and services.

Computer and accessory sales, computer assembly, etc., are some of the most lucrative product-related enterprises. Additionally, think about service-based enterprises like computer training facilities, computer repair shops, antivirus software vendors, etc.

#8 Business idea that can thrive in developing countries: Distribution business

You may launch a distribution firm successfully in emerging nations because of the increased population density there. Some of the profitable products are Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), food, personal care, chemicals, fresh produce, and others.

#9 Business idea that can thrive in developing countries: Import and export business

Actually, both developed and developing nations profit from the import-export sector. Most developing nations export a variety of goods around the world. 

You can think about starting a business in the international trade sector, depending on the resources that are accessible in your nation. Examine the licensing concerns in great detail.

#10 Business idea that can thrive in developing countries: Travel business

Developing nations typically have an abundance of natural resources. Additionally, the countries are popular as vacation spots.

Some of the popular segments are adventure tourism, medical tourism, ecotourism. So, if you’re seeking for a business opportunity that will be profitable in developing countries, you might want to start a travel-related enterprise.


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