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Career Tips - August 17, 2022

5 Untapped Business Ideas in Nigeria

Many people go into business with over-saturated ideas. However, there are many untapped business ideas yet to be explored in Nigeria.

Nigerians can be very hardworking. However, in a country with such a narrow market, the majority of people unaware about what kind of business to start in order to reap the largest benefits with the fewest obstacles.

In Nigeria, there are a plethora of unexplored business opportunities, and launching any in this region of the nation requires thorough investigation.

There are a few factors you should be sure to look for in untapped company ideas in Nigeria, such as a small number of people in the business, slow but consistent sales or profits, no rivals, and a high likelihood of succeeding.

Let’s take a look at 5 untapped business ideas in Nigeria.


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#1 Untapped business ideas in Nigeria: Rabbit farming

If you are skilled at raising live animals, you can start a rabbit farm. If done correctly, can make you a lot of money.

Source: PM News Nigeria

Raising rabbits is not difficult, but in order to succeed in that area of the business, you must be able to feed and treat them properly.

Everyone is preoccupied with the dog business and thereby neglecting some of the other crucial aspects of the livestock industry that have the potential to make them a millionaire.

#2 Untapped business ideas in Nigeria: Massage services

In Nigeria, one of the overlooked industries is the massage industry. Unbelievably, it’s among the finest revenue-generating services. 

Less than N1 million would be sufficient to launch a massage service in Nigeria if you already have an office.

In Nigeria, providing massage services might earn you twice as much money per month as a senior civil servant.

Avoid using home services if you are considering your security seriously.

#3 Untapped business ideas in Nigeria: Palm oil production

A product like palm oil and other agricultural goods are being exported more frequently from the country.

In Nigeria, a large number of oil-producing businesses are situated in rural areas.

Due to this, many residents of urban areas now import oil at a reduced cost from rural areas and sell it there for a higher price.

#4 Untapped business ideas in Nigeria: Shoe production

One of the untapped industries in Nigeria that the people still neglect is shoe manufacturing.

However, some businesses in Aba, Abia State, continue to replicate the shoes created elsewhere and represent them as being made by the actual owners.

Source: Dreamstime

If this can happen and become profitable then you can capture the market. Every day, we put on footwear, including cover shoes, pans, sandals, and bathroom sleepers.

#5 Untapped business ideas in Nigeria: Snail farming

Starting a snail farm in Nigeria takes little capital. Within the first year, the business has the potential to make you a sizable sum of money.

People don’t know much about growing snails, and they mistakenly believe that because they are little, they can’t make much money.

With just 50 snails that later reaches maturity, you can sell them to hotels or restaurants that serve snails for a sizable profit.


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