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Industry - August 19, 2022

Top 5 Furniture Stores in Lagos & How they Made It

Since 2004, making furniture has grown in popularity in Nigeria. This development arose due to the prohibition of furniture imports into Nigeria. It was an effort to ensure that the sector advances. Since the furniture industry expanded, numerous stores have been opened throughout the country, most notably in Lagos, and they are all doing well.

The days when the furniture sector didn’t belong among Nigeria’s lucrative and well-known industries are long gone.

Many Nigerians are now learning to appreciate the inventiveness required to combine woods to create lovely home furnishings. 

Currently, there are many furniture stores open in Lagos. Due to this, it’s turning into a gold mine for many individuals who are in the industry.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 furniture stores in Lagos & how they made it.


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#1 Furniture stores in Lagos:  Ibukun Awosika – The Chair Centre Limited

Source: Kemi Filani News

Ibukun Awosika resigned from serving as the Showroom Manager for Alibert, a reputable furniture company in Nigeria.

She decided to launch her own furniture company, specialising in high-end, locally produced office furniture.

Before she finally got her big break, she faced major obstacles. This occurred after the Nigerian government enacted a restriction on furniture imports in 2004.

Her business, The Chair Centre Limited, joined forces with Sokoa SA, perhaps the largest office furniture manufacturer in France, to use this edge.

Ibukun is currently the managing director of the Sokoa Chair Centre, a local business that sells a variety of office furniture models and designs and generates annual sales of over two million dollars.

#2 Furniture stores in Lagos: Munira Shonibare – IO Furniture

Source: Twitter

Interior designer Munira Shonibare has more than 30 years of experience. She is the CEO and founder of IO Furniture, the retail brand PIQIT by IO Furniture, and an affiliate of IO Furniture called Ethniki. She is also a director and co-founder of Ethniki.

She established Interior Options in 1987, renaming it I.O. Furniture in 2008 as the business grew to encompass furniture production in addition to interior design.

She co-founded Ethniki, a spinoff company from IO Furniture Ltd, in 2002 to explore a line of furniture and accessories with African design, production, and trading. 

In addition to promoting ethnic culture, regional craftspeople, and arts and crafts, the Ethniki line also celebrates the diverse and dynamic African lifestyle.

#3 Furniture stores in Lagos: Jumoke Dada

Source: TW Magazine

Taeillo, a start-up company that creates afro-urban furniture employing elements with African influences, was founded and is led by Jumoke Dada.

Jumoke founded Taeillo in 2016 because she was passionate about branding African culture and identity through enticing contemporary designs.

“What I wanted was to create a great piece because I realised that many of our traditional arts and crafts evolved overtime to include practical and decorative items, and human expressions find their way through various forms of art,” Jumoke says.

Jumoke began getting referrals from her first clients, relatives, and friends after selling her first piece of furniture. She was able to earn money thanks to this and reinvest it in the business.

#4 Furniture stores in Lagos: Tosin Oshinowo – Ilé Ilà

Source: Travel Noire

By using stark white color schemes and muted tones with wooden accents, Tosin’s architectural projects usually inhabit the space of understated elegance.

Tosin Oshinowo’s furniture design veers away from her architectural aesthetic, which takes a minimalist approach and is well known for its vibrant, colorful expressions.

In 2017, Tosin founded Ilé Ilà, which among the more than 80 million Yoruba-speaking people of West Africa translates to “house of lines.” Her masterpieces are made by hand in Lagos from famous traditional fabrics from West Africa and Nigerian teak wood.

#5 Furniture stores in Lagos: Mofoluke Ayoola – RedViolet Company

Mofoluke Ayoola, of Nigeria, founded RedViolet Company in 2010. 

It is a conventional interior design firm that oversees RedViolet Company in Nigeria and Ghana. According to Mofoluke, in spite of obstacles, her business has developed through time and now offers access to furniture and furnishing items through e-commerce.

Red Violet Company sells unique items, curates styles, and accepts orders for bespoke design services in Nigeria and Ghana.


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