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Opinions - August 22, 2022

How to Make Millions Selling Garri in Nigeria

Gone are the days when eating or selling garri was for the poor in Nigeria. Garri, the staple food from cassava, is now considered a food for the rich as the price continues to increase. This is coupled with the increasing exportation of garri and cassava outside of Nigeria.

Let’s consider this business model for selling garri in Nigeria and raking in the millions. 

First, the basics

In Nigeria, there are two varieties of garri. The white and the yellow garri. The white garri is mostly from the western part of the country. The popular variant of the white garri is the Garri Ijebu. It is named after the state from which it is made. It is known for its pleasantly sour taste when taken as a cereal. The normal variant of white garri is used for preparing one of the popular local foods in Nigeria, Eba.

Though white garri is majorly eaten in the western part of Nigeria, it is also known in other regions of the country.

Yellow garri, however, is popular in the eastern part of Nigeria among the Igbo people. It’s not popular as a cereal, rather it’s mostly favoured for Eba. Yellow garri is also made from the same cassava as white garri. The difference is the palm oil added to the garri during production.

The different ways of selling garri in Nigeria

selling garri Nigeria
Source: FarmSquare

The available capital will help determine the type of garri business you want to start. You can decide to be a distributor directly from the producer of garri or start on a small scale.

Garri distribution

Here, you serve as the distributor of garri on a wholesale level. You act as the middle man between the producer and the retailer. Though capital intensive, you can build your business gradually. You can leverage your direct contact with the producers to export garri, which is another means of generating more profit.

Small-scale garri business

You serve as the final link to consumers, and it is not capital intensive. To make more profit, ensure you buy directly from distributors, not retailers.


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How to make millions selling garri in Nigeria

selling garri Nigeria
Source: Business Post Nigeria

Have a business plan for the proper execution of your business. No matter how small a business is, it should have a roadmap.

Know the market

There is a market for everything that involves buying, selling, and services. Though a local food, the garri business is not left out. So ensure you know everything about the sector and the market for the type of garri business you want to start.

This involves the market price, storage system, how to differentiate the types of garri and its season (when it is scarce or surplus). Apart from conducting research, ensure to have a first-hand market experience. You can visit garri vendors, markets, and producers.


Your capital will help you decide if you want to be a distributor or start on a small scale. To start on a small scale, you can start with N50,000 and, as a distributor, N200,000. These exclude transportations, space, and other unplanned budgets.


As a distributor, you will need a spacious place that can serve as your storage room. This place should be located in an area accessible to the retailers and consumers of garri. Such as beside the main road, food market, and populated bus stops.

Put measures in place to protect your goods from these elements.

Strategies for selling garri in Nigeria

Since there are many vendors and distributors of garri, it is a competitive market. You, therefore, need to stand out to have and retain your customers. You can generate more from being customer-centric when you sell it the right way.

Apart from the traditional method of making people come to you to buy, you can take it to them by advertising. Also, advertise your garri to your friends and family. Consistency with your quality and quantity will bring them back and generate more people through their words of mouth.

Garri business has also been digitised. So digitise yours too. You do not need to go all out. You can put your product on Whatsapp and Facebook. Ensure to package your product properly.

You can also make fliers and distribute them to food vendors, party organisers, and consumers. Also, you can package your garri and sell it on eCommerce platforms.

Though the garri business has returns on investment, it has its risks. If you are not well vested in the sector, you can easily be cheated or sold poor quality. The garri can get spoilt if not stored properly or become damp and rodent infested.


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