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Opinions - August 23, 2022

5 Small Business Ideas you may have Overlooked in 2022

Naturally, entrepreneurs are drawn to new ideas with high returns on investments. This, in turn, has led to an oversight on their parts on some small business ideas with hidden profits. Since these spaces are untapped and unsaturated, they remain obscure to the naked eyes.

Though obscure, they are simple and affordable and can serve as a form of employment for the percentage of unemployed people in Nigeria if properly executed.

Quail bird farming is one of the small poultry business ideas that people should consider

Source: Agriculture Site

Apart from the regular poultry eggs such as guinea fowl and chicken eggs, quail bird farming is one of the most lucrative farming businesses with a significant investment return. Despite this fact, people tend to ignore it.

Naturally, the birds lay an egg daily. This is 365 eggs in a year compared to chickens which lay about 250 eggs in a year. As a source of meat and egg, it is preferred by many. This is due to its high source of nutrients and components that help cure some known diseases and ailments. This explains why it is in the superfood.

The flexibility of the business makes it possible to use a makeshift farm at home with a ratio of one male to five female quail birds. With the little labour involved, high return on investment and high prospects, it has the potential to replace chicken egg consumption. 

You can start the business with a minimum of N200,000.

Virtual assistance is one of the small business ideas that can serve as a multiple income streams 

Virtual assistance is gradually taking over the workplace. Due to its flexibility, it is being overlooked, whereas it acts as multiple income streams when appropriately used. Leveraging this can help you work with organisations needing online personal assistance to work with executives in order to keep tabs on their schedules.

To be in this space does not require any strenuous skills. It requires you to have or acquire some personal assistant skills and soft skills. This can be learned on free learning platforms such as Allison and YouTube.

You can also use sites such as Upwork, Fiverr, and LinkedIn to start your virtual assistant business right from your room. Also, VaVa Virtual Assistants connect with client opportunities.

Some tasks are processing documents and records, making calls, maintaining social media accounts, managing calendars and schedules, and making travel arrangements.


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The need for food makes mobile food vendors one of the viable small business ideas

Source: Lagos State Employment Trust Fund

Apart from air, the most important thing to people is food and water. Since people find it challenging to create time to prepare their food, they opt for buying ready-made foods.

This, in turn, has led to the establishment of mobile food vendors in Nigeria. It ranges from online food vendors and delivery to mobile food vendors.

While online food vending and delivery require a platform where people can order, mobile food vendors only need you to have a fast and reliable van. The mobility of the business provides an opportunity for increased sales.

Since the market is not saturated, ensure that you set your business apart from the competitors in the same business. Since you do not need a place to start your business, it is capital friendly.

Being a declutter agent is one of social media small business ideas that generate millions of income

This is a business idea that has made many social media users rich. By using Instagram, declutter agents smile to the bank. It entails assisting sellers of a product in displaying their goods on your page.

You get a percentage of any product bought through your account. Here, you serve as the link that connects buyers to sales. One of the platform’s advantages is that it has no limit to what can be sold.

The flexible nature of the job makes it easy to start anywhere as long as you have access to a working network, an active Instagram account, massive followers, stable electricity and a working smartphone or laptop. The selling point is the number of followers. The higher your followers, the higher your percentage on a purchase.

Pet breeding is one of the small business ideas that generate millions a year

Source: Top Gog Tips

Pet rearing, especially non-native dogs, is a business worth doing in Nigeria. All you need is to acquire the required knowledge of how to breed the different types of non-native dogs. For instance, a full-breed Rottweiler puppy costs about N336,000.

This depends on the puppy, seller, and buyer. Other dog variants are Dobberman dog puppy and pure breed boar bull male puppy.

A healthy female dog can give birth to about ten puppies. The gestation period for the female is between 58 to 65 days. This means you can have more than 20 puppies worth millions a year.


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