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Entrepreneurs - August 24, 2022

How to Gamify Your Daily Tasking and Achieve More

Gamification is the process of making a task into a game to encourage self-motivation. The beauty of trying to gamify your daily tasking is that you can offset how difficult a task is if you feel rewarded for finishing it.

This is an effective strategy because it gives us a sense of reward after doing any task, no matter how minor. It gives us a sense of how far we’ve come, which motivates us to keep working hard.

Whether you’re aware of it or not, you’re probably already gamifying your life in some way. Let’s examine how you can use gamification to increase productivity, establish and achieve lofty objectives, and achieve the success you’ve been searching for.

Let’s take a look at 5 ways you can gamify your daily tasking and achieve more.


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1. You can gamify your daily tasking by creating a system

You can gamify your life and work in easy, low-tech ways to boost motivation and accomplish more. Setting goals is the first step. These goals should be explicit, so you will know when you have accomplished each. Then assign each goal a set number of points based on how crucial, or challenging it is.

Source: CIO

For instance, you might allocate 500 points to completing your objective of writing a book or finishing a marathon. 

Then, you would divide this larger goal into more manageable “missions,” which you would work on daily or weekly. For example, you might complete three to five runs each week that gradually increase in mileage, with each run worth 20 points.

Record your daily successes, compare them over time, and keep track of your progression. When you hit a certain threshold of points, treat yourself.

2. Boosting your productivity through mini-games is a means to gamify your daily tasking 

You can create “mini-games” while doing chores or checking off daily activities. Try giving one point for each dish that is washed, or five points for each report page that is finished.

Another type of daily “mini-game” you can play to keep on target is a checklist. Giving yourself a tiny reward after each item is ticked will help you stay motivated because checking off checklist items causes the same dopamine release as completing a game goal.

Make a list of modest prizes, such as a tasty snack, a brief break of 15 minutes, or the opportunity to watch a favourite programme or YouTube channel.

3. You can use apps to gamify your daily tasking 

Online tools and apps created to leverage the ideas of gamification to help you better your life are among the most popular ways of using gamification. There are numerous tools and services accessible.

An online tool can generate mystery and excitement, just like a video game. You feel accomplished after using these programmes, and self-esteem is a very strong psychological factor that influences behaviour.

4. You can gamify your daily tasking by creating your own workplace

Gamification can help in getting people invested in their projects and boosting their incentive to complete the task entrusted to them, it can also assist in increasing employee engagement.

Making work enjoyable and making challenging things seem doable are the goals. Setting up work tasks like gaming levels will help you achieve this.

In a sense, you reach a milestone when you level up. You may keep track of your progress and earn badges for activities completed.

A role-playing game like Habitica, which lets you establish recurring duties and one-off jobs and cultivate positive habits, has been used successfully by several businesses.

You will be rewarded with gold, new powers, and the ability to cast spells in-game.

5. Gamify your daily study tasking

Gamification has also been demonstrated to help learning by fostering interactions that fully engage students, sustain their interest, and inspire them to keep working toward a goal.

Source: Oxford Learning

Gamification can enhance learning and make it more entertaining, and since you’re actively participating, the knowledge is more likely to stick in your long-term memory.

Additionally, gamification is well-suited to interactive learning components that foster feelings of immersion and make students feel more involved in the learning process. Gamification, at its foundation, is our capacity to use psychology for personal development.


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