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Opinions - August 26, 2022

5 Tricks to Start Making Sales from Your Facebook Page

Besides driving digital interactions, social media platforms can promote products and services, increase sales and generate high returns. When it comes to making sales, one of the leading social media platforms is Facebook. 

Facebook ranks number one in the world as the most active social media platform, with 2.934 billion monthly active users. This makes it a viable marketplace to conduct business in the world. Despite this, it is under-utilised. This, in turn, has led to the search on how to optimise the under-utilised platform to boost sales. Here are some ways.

Increase sales by leveraging the Facebook ad discounts for your page

Everyone loves freebies. A price-slashed promo on your Facebook page will boost sales and generate high returns for your business. You can do it by creating adverts for discounted deals.

Organising it on Facebook made it possible for people to conduct the transaction on the platform. Once users click on the ad, they get a unique code that allows them to get the offer on your business website. Apart from making sales, it doubles as a method of acquiring new customers and retaining old ones.

Generate sales by utilising call-to-action on your Facebook page

A call to action is one of the unique features of Facebook. It is a strategy to promote sales and encourage users to take the desired action. This way, it increases the click-through rate. Though it increases sales, it is still underused by brands and eCommerce vendors.

To incorporate it for advertisement, go to the text and links section, and choose from the options such as shop now, learn more and sign up. You can also enter your custom call-to-action. This encourages prospective customers to click and increases your sales.

Some of the used terms are –  visit this page and get a free ebook, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee, get a 50% discount, expert opinion, and friend/family recommendation.


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Video Ads increase sales and engagement on Facebook page

The high level of people’s engagement with video content on Facebook has seen video ads algorithm prioritised on the social media platform. This makes it a go-to for boosting sales on Facebook.

Instead of words, people react more to videos that have a concise message that is relatable. Since this will attract their attention, videos that get into users’ feeds get much traction. The more captivating the video is, the more people watch it, as it automatically plays when they scroll over.

The video can be for a product or multiple products. If it is for a single product, use the single image format. For multiple products, use carousal. It allows you to display different products in a video, each with its product description and URL.

This way, you get more tractions that translate to sales, interact with the users and educate them.

Repurpose existing content to  boost sales on your Facebook page

This way, you are leveraging on what is confirmed to be working. You can repurpose old content that garnered many likes, shares, link clicks, interactions, and tractions to generate new leads and sales. For instance, contents with half-a-million views have the potential of getting more.

One advantage of using this trick is that it is tested and trusted to work compared to new content that cannot be predicted yet. Apply the same technique but in a new way to capture another reach with sales guaranteed.

Reviews are a silent technique that improves sales on your Facebook page

In the mouth of many, a thing is approved. This also applies to business. When people see positive feedback, they are encouraged to patronise your product.

You may think it is unimportant, but people are sceptical of online business with a fake online business. But when they see previous customers testify, they are willing to part with their money.

Getting feedback from customers is not an arduous task. There is a recommendation button that you can turn on, on Facebook.


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