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Money - August 26, 2022

5 Ways to Earn $100 Daily in Nigeria

Many people now dream of living in Nigeria and earning dollars. This is indeed possible with the advent and need of numerous online services. You can earn up to $100 daily in Nigeria.

Due to how strong the dollar-to-naira exchange rate is, almost everyone now wants to earn in dollars. Earning in dollars and not in naira serves as a high way of significantly improving the quality of your living in Nigeria.

However, earning money in dollars in Nigeria is difficult since you need to be an expert in your field.

Here are a few ways you can earn $100 daily while living in Nigeria.


5 Creative Ways to Make Money

1. You can make $100 daily as a graphic designer in Nigeria 

Source: FreshBooks

Working on graphic design projects can be a terrific way to supplement your regular income or even launch and expand your own business.

However, with so many graphic design jobs available, you may be wondering, “Which design jobs can help me make my first $100 and beyond?”

You can start your first $100 in Nigeria by working on one of several tried-and-true graphic design projects, which will position you for success in the future.

These include designing a logo, menu, social media graphics, a postcard or flyer, a book cover, a billboard, an email template, or an infographic.

You can get some of these jobs through either LinkedIn, Fiverr, or Upwork. But you must first take courses and be open to more learning to be exceptional in this role.

2. You can make $100 daily by starting a blogging or vlogging platform in Nigeria

If you have strong communication skills, you can potentially make money from foreign clients that are interested in your written or video content.

You can get money from blog visitors and advertisements by blogging. If you enjoy making videos and have interesting and enlightening content to discuss, you should also consider starting a vlog on YouTube and other platforms.

3. You can make $100 by being a translator in Nigeria 

Source: Aspenpublishing

If you are able to speak another language, you will be more valuable than gold in 2022 since you are exactly what employers are looking for right now.

If you speak a language other than English, you can find great remote employment or freelance opportunities. Since people expect you to perform certain translations, your native tongue also matters in this situation.

4. Transcription is a job that can earn you $100 in Nigeria 

If you can pay attention to details and type quickly, you should think about working as a transcriptionist and making some amazing money.

 For transcribing brief audio, you might earn up to $15 to $25 per hour.

5. Being an app developer can earn you $100 in Nigeria 

The people who are making the most money are app developers. Every business owner wants an app for their company, both domestically and internationally, and if you put yourself out there as an app developer, you will be earning cool money.

By picking up new talents and selling your skills to people in other countries who need them online, you can also make money working in Nigeria. If you play your cards well, you can increase your money right here in Nigeria without ever leaving the country.


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