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Banking & Finance - August 27, 2022

How to Find an Accountant for Your Small Business

Appropriate financial management goes a long way in determining the success of a business. Due to its importance, employing the right accountant is one of the big decisions you must make in your small business.

As a small business, there is a limit to what you can do in keeping financial records. Bookkeeping is a lot different from accounting. Choosing the right accountant can help maintain cash flow for your business. However, overlooking this need can have dire consequences. Let’s look at how you can find an accountant for your small business. 

You can get an accountant for your small business through referrals

This is based on word of mouth. It is in the form of a recommendation. You can ask fellow entrepreneurs, friends, family, and people you know about how they employ accountants and if they know someone perfect for the role.

If you cannot get professional accountants through referrals, you can outsource it to a recruitment company based on the jotted criteria you want in an accountant.


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Make a shortlist of prospects for the accountant position in your small business

From the list of applicants and referrals, you can make a list of people with the criteria you want in an accountant and interview them. You will need to develop a list of questions tailored to what you need. This will help you ascertain the extent to which they are qualified for the role.

Hence, you will have to draft a list of questions to ask. Such as what services do you provide? What do you charge your clients? What kinds of clients have you worked with before? Which accounting programmes do you use? What kind of accounting experience do you have?

This way, you will identify any red flags. You can conduct more than one interview before making your decision.

Get your facts right when selecting an accountant for your small business

This last phase requires the most crucial decision that can affect your business. So ensure to get all your facts right about the applicants. Apart from the qualification part, ask yourself if you can work together. Remember he or she is to become a part of the team, and together everyone can achieve more.

Once you make the right choice, ensure to onboard the accountant for fast integration into the business environment.


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