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Opinions - September 2, 2022

6 Things you Should Invest in Before you Turn 40

One of the best ways to build generational wealth is to invest early, preferably before age 40. This makes it easy for you to retire at a very appreciative age. Though retirement may seem far away as you are still in your 30s, time slips fast, and before you know it, you’re in your 50s. Plus, investing in a portfolio nowadays is more expensive.

Investing allows you to plan for the unforeseen future and meet your financial obligations. Besides serving as a medium to save, nurturing this habit unconsciously helps you develop the proper money habits to make wise money decisions in the future.

Despite being privy to this fact, many people have neglected it, thus finding it difficult to adjust to the constant increase in expenses. If you are in this group, priority the investment advice below.

Invest in education before 40

Learning is infinite. Beyond formal education, you must acquire relevant skills and continue to upskill. Investing in yourself far outweighs the physical investment.

With the knowledge gained, you can earn more, be it in the corporate world or as an entrepreneur, than what your investment is yielding. The proper knowledge and experience will provide you with access to some opportunities and high-paying jobs.

Thanks to technology, learning is now decentralised. You can pay for online courses or register on free learning platforms like Alison. Also, ensure to read books to broaden your horizon and be well-rounded.


Buying stocks is a way of having your money work for you. This is also known as equity. It represents the value of what you own in a company. It is one of the viable and best ways o build wealth for yourself before turning 40.

However, before investing in a stock, do all due diligence, make sure it has a strong growth prospect, and you will not need the money for a long time.

Real Estate

Real estate investment is a viable market, especially for the long term. This space does not depreciate but appreciates over time, thus incurring profits, be it for renting or sale.

With the importance of shelter, this sector cannot be oversaturated. It also offers long-term capital growth, the ability to provide income, tax advantages, and protection from inflation. This way, you also own your house.


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Bonds are a way of having a balanced portfolio as it is a stable investment. This can be referred to as an  I.O.U. It serves as debt security. A bond exchange occurs between a lender (investor) and a borrower (normally corporate or governmental).

In exchange, you received a bond containing the loan transaction details. Bond also offers a fixed income as the borrower pays interest over time. Compared to stocks, it serves as a more stable investment.


Cryptocurrency platforms have yielded millions to some of their investors. However, the platform is not for short-term investment as it takes a long to generate returns. Some of the cryptocurrency platforms that promise long-term investment include Bitcoin and Ethereum.

So, before investing in any crypto, ensure to do due diligence. This will protect you against unforeseen risks and teach you how to manage your investment portfolio.


This is a joint investment plan known as pooled investment. It combines the money of different investors for a specific investment.

This includes funds such as mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). It thus allows you to invest in different securities.


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