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Lists - September 5, 2022

5 Ways to Stay Motivated to Reach your Goals

Every entrepreneur is pumped and excited at the inception of their business. With eyes on the big dream, they are eager to start crushing their goals. But when the reality of running a business dawns on them – the challenges and failures – it becomes hard to stay motivated and stick to the goals.

Procrastination is one of the offspring of demotivation. When you don’t get the desired results getting things done becomes complicated, and it’s usually a downslope from there. You, therefore, need to reorientate your mind and remind yourself of the reasons you started the business and reaffirm to yourself that you can achieve it. 

Here are some valuable tips that can reignite the initial spark and help you stay motivated to achieve your goals.

Identify your goals and your ‘why’

There are no goals to be achieved if there are no reasons for attaining them. So, you need to remember the reason for setting the goals. Your reasons will serve as the driving force that will motivate and propel you to achieve your goals.

Identifying the purposes invariably relieves you of every mental blockage stopping you from achieving your goals. So anytime you feel down, remember why you are doing what you are doing. Think of it as cause and effect situation.

According to Simon Sinek, the author of ‘Find your why,’ you must have a clear destination and a higher purpose of why you started your business, so it can serve as a reminder that you have to keep going.

“It’s only when there’s a roadblock, or you’re struggling, or something’s not going right that you start thinking, ‘Why am I on the road in the first place? And that’s what ‘why’ means – before you get in the car, you actually have a sense of destination,” says Sinek.

For instance, the need to create generational wealth and provide value to humanity can be the reason for starting a business. So any time you feel like giving up, remember it.

Take consistent and meaningful actions to stay motivated about your goals

Self-motivation is not only about discovering the reasons for setting your goals but also about taking actionable steps. So chart out a well-structured action plan. This involves penning down short- and long-term goals, their reasons, and how to achieve them according to priority.

A draft will help you make easy references and keep track of your progress. For the best result, be consistent and dedicated to your laid-down plan.


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Be responsible for yourself

It takes more than planning to stay motivated and achieve your goals. Since self-motivation comes from within, you must take care of your personal challenges first. These are things that make achieving your goals impossible.

Without recognising and taking responsibility for them, you won’t be able to overcome them. These hurdles include procrastination and some external distractions. Until you own up to being in charge of the external and internal forces, you won’t be able to attain your maximum capacity.

Have a positive mindset

You are the only stumbling block to your goals. This is very important as you are what you think. If you think and feel unstoppable about yourself, you are and vice versa. Therefore, be in charge of your mind and the over 60,000 thoughts you have daily. Train both to have a positive consciousness.

This consciousness will help you when your thoughts are becoming negative. Though the negative thoughts are usually in the form of self-relegation, since you are your thought, redirect the energy into positive self-affirmation.

The power of music

There is an energy that is discharged at the sound of music. This explains why people say you are what you listen to. Since humans are connected to the different beats and lyrics they hear, your fowl moods are easily replaced with a rejuvenated one.

So if you feel tired and confused, motivate yourself by listening to your favourite songs. This is the best remedy to calm your brain and redirect your thoughts on the right path.


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