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Business - September 6, 2022

5 Ways to Sell the Problem You Solved, Not the Product

With the increase in innovative ideas to meet needs, the best way for a business to have the edge over existing ones is to sell the problem being solved instead of the product. This is needed for the survival of your business as the world has tilted away from the conventional way of just selling a product to marketing how it meets a need.

Since people first consider how a particular product meets their needs, identifying and defining the problem should be the first step in your business. You, therefore, need to know and understand your target audience, their problems, and their needs. To effectively execute this, however, requires some strategies. Consider the steps below.

Sell a problem that solved customers’ pain

To sell a problem, you need to know the people affected by it. This will help you know the target audience to whom you are to sell the solved problem. This first step will guide you in understanding their problems and how to market your solution to them.

The more you know about their problem, the more you experience it and your ability to meet it. So instead of talking about the features of your products, focus on how it solves their problems. By targeting them, you’re selling the problem you solve, which will invariably translate to more sales and profits.

Engage and inform your customers to effectively sell a problem you solved and not the product

Holding your customer’s attention while selling your solution is very important to the success of your product sale. Therefore, capture your target customers’ problems at the beginning of your selling process.

Going straight to the solution will help get their attention and maintain it. This applies to either face-to-face or written (email, InMail, and telephone) selling. 

You can further inform them through how-to blog posts, educational videos, infographics, and other resources. This way, you tell them what they want to hear and indirectly get them to trust you and your business and make informed buying decisions.


What you should do before launching your Product

Focus on Selling the Solution, not the Product

Just as people buy things that are of value to them, they also approach them with the mindset of selling a solution. Focus on the point at hand, the solution to the problem.

For instance, when iPod was launched in 2001, Steve Jobs, while presenting, did not emphasise the features but the value of the innovation. He said, “With iPod, Apple has invented a whole new category of digital music player that lets you put your entire music collection in your pocket and listen to it wherever you go.” 

Highlight Your unique points

Remember that you are not the only business in the market, so tell your target audience what makes your solution distinct from the lot in the market. Highlight these advantages and be specific as they are your selling point.

For instance, saying your company provides excellent customer service is a way of generalising your business as part of the lots. Instead, highlight what makes your customer service different from the rest. Such as having a dedicated and customer-friendly team who operates 24/7 daily.

Sell the value of the solution to the problem

Before parting with their money, buyers want to know the value of the solution to their problem. Remember, there are different solutions. So what makes yours the best option? Since the value is what they want to hear, focus on it.

The values are the usefulness or benefits of the solutions. Ensure that the values are efficient and reduce risks and expenses.


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