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Business - September 6, 2022

How to Write a Powerful Pitch Deck that Can Get You Millions of Dollars

For most founders, creating a stellar investor pitch deck to attract millions of dollars in funding for their startup is not a natural talent.

A pitch deck is a presentation that entrepreneurs create while looking for a round of funding from investors. Pitch decks typically have no more than 19 slides.

In the end, founders require two distinct sets of pitch decks. One version, which will be distributed by email, will have a lot of text and information.

The pitch deck, with more visuals that entrepreneurs personally show to investors, will be the other version. Having more visuals will help investors concentrate on you.

In summary, clarity and simplicity, persuasion, and ease of use are the three components of a pitch deck that can attract millions of dollars in funding.

Here are some key slides you should have in your pitch deck presentation to land you millions of dollars:


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1. Problem

You should be able to describe the market need you are serving on the slide describing the problem. People should be able to relate to this dilemma as being painful, and investors should have no trouble comprehending it.

Additionally, you are only solving one issue. Not two, or three. To address a recognised problem, you must come across as someone who is committed and persistent.

As you don’t want to overwhelm the investor with one slide, it is advisable that entrepreneurs design separate slides for the problem and the solution.

2. Solution

The solution to the problem must be succinct and crystal clear. Your solution needs to be scalable, especially if you’re a tech startup.

It also makes sense to explain why the solution makes sense at this time.

Starting a business venture at the right time is what really matters. As you may already know, timing is important in business. The major reason for a startup’s failure can be that it entered the market too soon or too late.

3. Market 

Keep in mind that a market with less than $1 billion in annual revenue would not be all that appealing to a hyper-growth investor.

This is mostly due to the fact that these investors are looking for investment possibilities that might yield a 10x return over the course of 5 to 7 years.

Graph the market’s historical growth and projected future growth on this slide so that investors can calculate the potential upside and return on investment. Ensure that your references come from research papers.

4. Product

Showing screenshots of your product in use is the main focus of this slide. You might want to add a description of the product itself and a few comments from some of your current customers expressing how much they appreciate your product to make it even more impactful.

5. Traction

This slide should display the company’s month-over-month growth (e.g. revenue, metrics, etc).

The renowned hockey stick that investors demand to see on every pitch deck they examine should ideally be included on this slide. 

If you are at an early stage or if your growth is not particularly intriguing, it is advisable to avoid including it.

6. Team 

One of the most significant slides in any pitch deck is likely the team. The investor is interested in finding out who is in charge and what makes them so special in terms of carrying out the objective and vision.

For the greatest results, the leadership team’s members should just be briefly described on the team slide (ideally, cofounders).

List two or three accomplishments of each member in bullet points. Ideally, they would be connected to the business that is seeking funding.

7. Competition

A diagram of the competitors you have operating in your market would be a good idea to show the investor. How you compare to them and how your value proposition performs.

You want to stand out from the competition so that the person looking at the slide understands what makes your business so special.


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