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Profiles - September 9, 2022

Meet Oluwatodimu Ige the Lawyer Who is Also an Entrepreneur 

Oluwatodimu Ige is a seasoned entrepreneur and lawyer at Oluwatodimu Ige and Associates who has experience in property law practice, commercial law practice, and arbitration. 

He is a member of the UK’s Chartered Institute of Arbitrators as an associate arbitrator.

In addition, he is a director at the real estate company Poe Properties and the founder of Toddy Domestic Services, a business that provides logistical and domestic services.

Oluwatodimu Ige studied law at the Olabisi Onabanjo University in Ago Iwoye, Ogun State. He also holds a project management diploma.


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Early career  

Oluwatodimu Ige started his career as a lawyer in a law firm called Kalalo and Kalaro. He maintained a good relationship with the owner despite leaving the firm. 

He believes having good relationships with people is an essential attribute people should have in life because it was one of the things that has helped him go a long way in his career. 

“I still have a relationship with the owner of the firm because he trained me until I could stand on my own. Even when I run into problems, I still call him and we discuss issues and make sure they are resolved amicably.”

Compassion has also been a quality that has served him well throughout his career.

“Even when I am recruiting or offering our services, compassion is key. We must always think about the interest of other people, and not just ourselves alone.”

Juggling being a law practitioner and other businesses 

Being a lawyer entails abstaining from involvement in the day-to-day operations of any business, other than your legal profession. Oluwatodimu Ige, therefore, restricted his involvement in the logistics business and the real estate enterprise to exclusively supervisory roles.

“I give instructions, attend meetings and see how things can be moved to the next level. I interact with the managers of both companies and give them instructions which they follow up on.”

Ige makes an effort to avoid engaging in illegal activities because doing so is against the law and is incompatible with his background as a lawyer.

Oluwatodimu Ige’s challenges

Oluwatodimu Ige stated that staffing is his main concern in an interview with Punch. He has had trouble choosing the ideal candidates for a job position because, to start with, many individuals make false claims about who they are.

Secondly, Ige has seen problems with some individuals who lose motivation after a few months of work,

“Due to the fact that when you employ them, they work so hard in the first month and you think that you have got a worker from heaven. But at the end of the day, their energies fade, probably because they are expecting more money.” he said. 

Another difficulty he mentioned is the Nigerian economic factor. But he makes an effort to solve these issues by thinking creatively.

Oluwatodiumu Ige and Associates 

Oluwatodimu Ige and Associates is a full-service business law firm with experience in different established legal niches.

It consists of lawyers committed to providing top-notch legal services to customers both locally and worldwide who have gained experience over the previous years in a variety of legal, regulatory, and corporate compliance procedures.

The two main focuses of practice at Oluwatodimu Ige and Associates are understanding the client’s needs and taking a practical approach to achieving our desired goals of competitive client satisfaction. 

To this end, they have formed very formidable alliances with professional colleagues, firms, and institutions all over the world.


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