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Tourism - September 11, 2022

5 Most Expensive Tourist Destinations in Africa

Africa is frequently overlooked when searching for a luxurious getaway from daily life. But the continent has a lot to offer, not just for those on a tight budget but also for those who aren’t afraid to part with a little cash in exchange for the most luxurious tourist destinations available in Africa.

The growing tourism destination in Africa is, in itself, filled with beautiful beaches and lush interior forests. Some of the world’s diverse nations are in Africa. Let’s take a look at five of the most expensive tourist destinations in Africa.


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1. Rovos Rail, Southern Africa

This opulent train, which is the African equivalent of the Orient Express, offers a variety of routes, ranging from a 3-day trip inside South Africa to a 15-day tour between Dar es Salaam and Cape Town.

The enormous suites each feature a private bathroom. Aside from that, there is an unlimited supply of delectable food and a drinks menu that rivals any bar in the world, along with an amazing wine list with beverages from some of South Africa’s top estates.

The outdoor patio in the back of the train, where you can sit down and take in the scenery while sipping on your preferred beverage, is the highlight.

The service is excellent, and all requests are immediately fulfilled. To help passengers reduce some of the weight they gain from all the delicious food served on board, the train frequently stops for excursions and so they can get some exercise.

2. Bisate Lodge, Rwanda

The country has opulent spaces in regions like Volcanoes National Park. Safaris in the wild with Bisate Lodge also did well.

The main draw in this area is the possibility to see this rare and endangered species in their native habitat on a mountain gorilla hike.

The lodge is also heavily committed in habitat restoration, working to reintroduce the local rainforest to allow for a natural recolonization.

There are numerous locations where you may literally witness and experience Rwanda turning the page.

3. Tswalu Kalahari, South Africa

Tswalu is the only location in Africa that can allow you to experience luxury. The only convenient method to travel there is by private plane because it is the largest private game reserve in South Africa and is situated in such a remote area.

To fly visitors in and out as well as over the vast reserve, Tswalu maintains its own fleet of aeroplanes and helicopters.

The pangolin, aardvark, aardwolf, and other species are known to inhabit this area and are virtually impossible to find in most other parts of Africa.

4. One of the most expensive tourist destinations in Africa is Royal Mansour, Morocco

 Marrakech has long been a beautiful destination with its many raids. The Royal Mansour has long been a haven of elegance and peace amidst the bustle of this city. The hotel has more than three stories, and each one is a work of art and a showcase for Moroccan workmanship.

Moroccan culture places a high value on food, and there are many restaurants serving the best cuisines from both home and abroad.

The spa is yet another must-see while staying here, surrounded by an abundance of white. Even before you receive one of the many treatments, the Moorish-inspired iron walls immediately induce a sense of relaxation.

5. Beyond Ngorongoro Crater Lodge, Tanzania

The &Beyond lodge, which boasts some fantastic views over the remains of the fallen volcano, is located at the edge of Ngorongoro Crater.

In contrast to those impressions, the interior is equally beautiful and perfectly blends a regal African palace with a French chateau. Particularly the private butler service, the service is quite amazing and contributes to the sense of living in your own castle on top of the volcano.


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