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Career Tips - September 22, 2022

How to Create a Product Billions of People Will Love

It’s challenging to create a product that people like. But it’s much more challenging to create a product that they would love. Even though it can be difficult to build a product that people will enjoy, it is still feasible to create an offering that, albeit implausible, resonates with a large audience.

Successful product companies like Flutterwave, Google, Facebook and Piggyvest started somewhere tangible. Because their product was uniquely different from the competition, they quickly stood out and acquired a position in the market.

Amazon is renowned for putting customers first, Apple is renowned for the aesthetic beauty of its products, and Facebook is a remarkably simple platform for connecting with loved ones.

You must create distinctive product features that consumers will love. Let’s take a look at how to create a product billions of people will love.   


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1. Deliver value that is easy to understand

It’s not a guarantee that customers are aware of a need just because a product fills it.

Think of Henry Ford’s famous quote, “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have responded faster horses”.

Users actually needed to get from A to B, but because they were so accustomed to using horses to accomplish this, they were unable to consider other options.

Fortunately for Ford, describing how a car addresses the same issue as a horse was rather simple, but other products have greater difficulty explaining their presence.

2. Ask your customers

Send out surveys or have conversations with your customers to learn about their problems. Determine your target market and start there if you don’t already have customers.

You might even discover a subreddit that interests you and start a discussion there.

For instance, you might join the r/Vaction, r/Backpacking, or r/Travel subreddits if you enjoy travelling and are looking for product ideas that address travellers’ demands.

Investigate concerns, peruse the talks there, or even ask folks what they want.

3. It needs to be easy to use

Simple does not always imply ease of use; rather, it might be exactly as complex as it needs to be, at any given time.

If a product deals with a difficult subject like video or photo editing or has to deal with a lot of regulation like healthcare, or has to provide a wide range of options like any computer operating system, there will always be an inherent complexity.

The goal is to keep the options open and keep each step as straightforward as possible, only adding complexity in a considerate manner.

Millions of individuals will find it simpler to learn how to utilise a product the easier it is to use.

4. Don’t be afraid to steal

To create the next best thing, all you need to do is duplicate, steal, and iterate—you don’t even need a fully unique idea.

“Good designers copy, great designers steal.” These famous words spoken by painter Pablo Picasso apply to much more than design.

Recall how Instagram implemented Stories to their platform after ripping off Snapchat? Then, every other social media site followed suit. 

5. Find your own problems

You too are a consumer. What issues are you facing? Do you have a daily problem you wish you could resolve? 

If you can identify a problem you want to address, there’s a strong possibility that your particular brand fits into a certain niche market.

Consider Airbnb as an example. In order to make ends meet, company founders Joe Gebbia and Brian Chesky decided to rent out airbeds on their living room floor to San Francisco conference goers. 

The two built a website the following day, and six days later they had three tenants sleeping on their floor.


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