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Telecommunication - September 24, 2022

Is the MTN 5G Router worth Paying N50,000?

The latest iteration of mobile internet connectivity, known as 5G, offers up to ten times better rates than 4G. MTN Nigeria has introduced its 5G router in Nigeria. Consider 5G if you’re looking for a means to receive internet speeds that are unbelievably fast.

Pre-orders for the MTN 5G Router in Nigeria began since August 23, 2022, and the cost is N50,000.

Compared to the previous 4G and 3G router, the MTN 5G router is 10x faster. According to a test by Fisayo Fosudo, he downloaded a 2 gigabyte game in under two minutes using this router.

The download was completed at a speed of more than 1000 mbps. In reality, streaming TV shows is now seamless and online gaming is faster than it used to be.

Is MTN the only 5G router in Nigeria?

The 3.5GHz spectrum licence was won by MTN and Mafab Communications in December, and both businesses paid the Federal Government $550 million as early as February. 

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) then gave MTN and Mafab Communications the August 24 roll-out date.

Following 11 rounds of bidding that lasted eight hours, Mafab and MTN Nigeria were declared the two winners of the 3.5 gigahertz (GHz) spectrum auction for the deployment of 5G technology in Nigeria.

The Commission also revealed that the two companies each paid the full $273.6 million licence price for the 5G spectrum in February 2022. 

The installation of 5G services was anticipated to begin on August 24, 2022, in accordance with the terms of the 5G licence, according to Mafab.

Mafab has been given a five-month extension, however this is owing to delays in receiving its UASL and Numbering plan, which was not until the end of July. 

Without much further ado let’s a look at the pros and cons of the MTN 5G router worth N50,000.


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Why you should get an MTN 5G router

1. The telecom company states that MTN 5G is 10 times faster than MTN 4G. Additionally, you can connect several devices, up to 32 with the MTN 5G Router.

2. The MTN 5G Router also provides superior streaming, gaming, data download, and upload capabilities. Online games and films are more realistic, smoother, and quick.

3. MTN will also give a 100GB data bonus on activation to pre-orders.

4. To use the 5g network, you don’t need a new sim card. Your current 4G SIM card will still function properly because MTN is deploying 5G using new radio (NR) non-standalone (NSA) technology, according to the information that is currently available. Your SIM card won’t need to be changed.

5. The service isnt restricted to some locations in the 8 states but is in all. Approximately 190 locations.

Drawbacks you’ll want to consider

1. The MTN 5G service is currently operational in the Federal capital territory Abuja and eight other states which includes: Lagos, Imo, Anambra, Kano, Edo, Rivers, Oyo and Borno. Each of these states has many locations with coverage, and additional areas will get it later.

2. The price of MTN’s 5G router is 50,000 this is excluding the price for the data plans. For people on a budget, this could be an exorbitant price to pay 

3. If your phone is not compatible with 5G, you won’t be able to use it. Most 5G phones are above N100,000.

4. Users of Apple or Samsung phones will probably have to wait a little while for the update to arrive from the phone makers. 

5. Samsung may be able to make the necessary changes in roughly a month to six weeks so that Nigerian subscribers may utilise the 5G service, but iPhone users may have to wait until October. 


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