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Entrepreneurs - October 6, 2022

How to 10X the Value of Your Time

Whatever you decide to do with your day, you choose it over all the other possibilities. The desire to 10x the value of your time aids you in having a significant influence on your long-term objectives.

An hour of writing every day can result in a blog article, a book, or even a publishing deal. 

According to the author, James Clear, “People who spend their time working on high-impact projects contribute more to society. Whether you want more wealth, more friendship, more freedom, or more impact, it all comes down to how you spend and value your time.” 

The long-term value of an hour of your time that is spent on correct things can be multiplied. However, the majority of us overlook this and instead concentrate on the immediate surroundings. Let’s take a look at how to 10x the value of your time.


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1. Know what an hour is worth

Each of us has an innate sense of how much our time is worth. For instance, you would politely decline if someone offered you $0.07 for an hour of work. In contrast, you would accept right away if someone offered to pay you $7,000 for just one hour of work.

When a task is at the extreme ends of the range, it is simple to determine whether it is worthwhile. However, when you get closer to the middle of the time-value spectrum, it gets harder to determine if a certain work is worthwhile or not. 

For example, should you choose an economical flight that saves more or a business class to enjoy a bit of luxury?

2. Avoiding distractions

Getting easily distracted, multitasking, and having poor planning can reduce your hourly value by up to 80%.

In this case, we can assume that an hour of work is worth $21.88. However, what happens if your hour is used in an ineffective way?

Gerald Weinberg, a computer scientist and psychologist, claims that multitasking can waste up to 80% of your useful time. Here’s how it actually appears in use:

One task at a time focus equals 100% productivity or $21.88 per hour in value.

Two tasks being handled at once results in 40% productivity for each task (and 20% lost due to context change). also, $17.5 per hour in value

Three jobs being switched between at once results in a 20% productivity loss for each (and a 40% loss due to switching). also worth $13.13 per hour.

3. Focusing on your hours

On the other hand, one hour of focused effort can actually produce a lot more value.

A “multiplier” is a technology or a method that generates results that are disproportionate to the investment. In other words, for every hour you work, you add value worth more than $21.88.

Here is one instance. Steven Kotler discovered that top CEOs are up to 500% more productive when in a state of intense attention or “Flow” in his book, The Rise of Superman.

This would instantly increase the value of an hour of your time to over $110.


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