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Entrepreneurs - October 7, 2022

7 App Ideas that Can Make You a Multi-Millionaire

Most startups lie when they claim to have original app ideas that turned them into a multi-millionaire or probably a billionaire. 

Startups modified the company model and made the process easier, and with the help of contemporary marketing strategies, some have raked in billions of dollars. 

According to Statista, 350 billion app downloads, or approximately 18% more than in 2017, are expected to occur between 2017 and 2023, making the mobile apps industry a new gold mine.

This demonstrates the enormous market and possibility for app ideas that can turn people into multi-millionaire. Let’s have a look.


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1. Find a tenant app

One of the best ways to earn extra money is to rent out your house, but how do you find qualified, dependable tenants? You can locate the tenants in a certain area and confirm their background checks with the aid of a tenant-finding app.

2. An app that aggregates prices

Who wants to spend more money when they have the option to check prices and purchase goods at the lowest possible cost while doing so from the closest store?

The price aggregator app is one of the greatest mobile app ideas since it acts as a platform where you can receive a list of platforms where the product is offered together with the best price. There are many apps that can show you a comparable product on their platform.

You might examine your options and decide to purchase it from the lowest one.

3. Expiration date tracking app

 It is tracking software with information on the expiration dates of the food in your kitchen. 

People won’t need to worry about when their food expires anymore because the tracking software will inform them before them. This helps in preserving individual health and also makes retailers and wholesalers alert of the expiring date of their stores.   

4. On-Demand Car Wash Application

Your customers will have a platform to order a car wash from home, whenever they need one, using the on-demand car wash app.

They won’t need to drive their vehicles to a car wash anymore and this saves them time they can use to do divulge into other activities. 

While offering this special kind of value, customers pay you and you earn profits.

5. Transportation App

A public transportation app with details such as the timetable, routes, schedules, conditions, etc., of the public transportation services in a specific city or region.

Users can use the app to determine which mode of transportation is best for them in a certain circumstance.

6. A social connection app

The smartphone software helps you find people in your region who have similar interests, which encourages networking. 

This is one of the best app ideas that can make you a multi-millionaire. This promotes more social networking in your community. Particularly helping people that are new in a particular region or have no friends in their community. 

7. Apps for lost and found

You can build a software where a community of people can return lost items to their original owners. 

This will largely help social work and society itself, to put people together that have each other’s back and ready to return lost items to their owners. 


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