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Career Tips - October 7, 2022

7 Sales Techniques that Can Make You Rich

Making sales could be difficult. This could be due to a lack of implementation of the right techniques or exerting minimal effort in the business. 

Making sales and turning a profit is every business’s ultimate objective, regardless of how big or little, global or independent they are.

As of 2021, there are 2.14 billion digital consumers globally. That amounts to 27.6% of the 7.74 billion people on the planet. This implies more than one in every four persons you see are internet shoppers.

However, many people still prefer shopping the traditional way, that’s why it is important to have a few sales techniques under your sleeves to make you rich. Let’s have a look.


5 Tricks to Start Making Sales from Your Facebook Page

1. Show what a product can do

While shopping at the supermarket, you can be given a sample of cheese or a small piece of bread to fuel your interest. Many skeptics put money on the table for this reason. As an entrepreneur, you increase your chances of making a sale by enabling potential buyers to test out a product or see its features in action.

When possible, people like to try new activities and evaluate their results. The more you can accomplish in this area, the better. This not to say you should go overboard and give away everything.

Social media can also help you with this by allowing you to upload relatable images and videos of your products. By doing this, you let potential buyers envision how the product would benefit them.

According to a study, sales increase by 12% if you let consumers understand how a product works.

2. Having consistent market strategies

Maintaining a consistent plan helps provide a better customer experience as well as credibility, reputation, and brand trust. Brands with consistent messaging are valued 20% more than those with inconsistent messaging, claims Techipedia.

Make brand guidelines that will enable year-round business growth for your organisation. You may develop a valuable relationship with your future clients with this strategy.

Additionally, when talking with your target audience, your tone of voice should remain consistent. Be specific when describing the brand’s persona. Your brand’s voice should be consistent across all online and offline platforms.

3. Focus on why your customers buy

There is a straightforward strategy to increase sales. This is asking yourself why do customers buy?

Any business that operates on a business-to-business or business-to-consumer basis can use this model.

Founder of BV Portera, Baris Kavakli quoted, “first, stop using the phrase ‘sales,’ as it has nothing to do with selling.” 

4. Conduct a website audit

Audit your webpage. Analyse your competitors and your Google Analytics.

Look for places where your SEO and user experience could be improved. By moving from a keyword position on Google’s second page to the first page, you can generate new sales.

SEO Locale’s Nick Quirk, “maintain a strong online presence.”

5. Promote lead generation

Use the lead collection services that are at your disposal. In order to get newsletters, regular offers, and product updates, your visitor must submit their information into plugins and contact forms on your website.    

When you need to promote new products or start a campaign, as well as just to stay in touch with your consumer base, keeping such information on hand will be helpful.

To promote your lead generation, you can also use social media or optimise your presence online.


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