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Entrepreneurs - October 9, 2022

5 Habits that’ll Make You Smarter

We live in a world where your earning power is tied to how much you know. You can learn from everyday experiences, but intentionally forming habits that’ll ensure you become smarter can be a game changer. 

The notion that we use only‌ 10% of their brain has been long disproved. We are all different people, who have diverse ways of solving problems. We learn, think, understand and acquire knowledge differently.  

Staying true to the right routines can make your life better. Let’s take a look at seven habits that will make you smarter.


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1. Being smarter with your online time

Be smart with your online time and avoid shallow activities. There are numerous learning resources to choose from on the internet and the good part is most of them are free. From online courses to engaging TED-talks and vocabulary building tools. 

Replace any superfluous activity like binge-watching a comedy series to enrich yourself mentally. 

2. Stay around smart people

Hanging out with people that are smarter than you is a good way for you to improve. It can be hard for your self-esteem but it would help you in the long run. 

Your IQ is said to be an average of the five closest people you hang out with. Smart people talk about fascinating things.

When you hang out with smart people, you not only make yourself smarter but you have a community of people that you can learn with.  

3. Read a lot 

Reading is an essential habit to cultivate. There are different opinions about what reading material helps boost the brain. 

People offer various suggestions, from reading the daily newspaper to selecting from a variety of fiction or non-fiction. 

Despite the voluminous options available, one thing is definitely accepted by everyone, the quantity. Make reading a habit can make you smarter. 

According to Global GfK survey which studied the reading habits of people in 17 countries, 30% of people read books every day and 60% read at least once per week.

4. Question everything

Don’t just settle for conventional knowledge, question everything and look for other possibilities to keep your mind open. You are not going to seem like skeptic if you question everything rather you are making yourself smart. 

In today’s world we take in excessive information every day while we scroll feed by feed but not everything we consume is accurate.

For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic – almost 80% of the global population reported seeing fake news on the coronavirus outbreak.

When you question everything, there are high chances of you learning something new. Asking questions is one of the daily habits that make people smarter. It is also one of the strongest powers of intelligent people. 

5. Write what you learn 

You don’t need to write an essay or make it perfect. Just take out few minutes of your day to reflect on what you learned by writing.

According to research, it can be a maximum of 400 words of anything. Take notes and record the thoughts that you have during day so you can use them later.  

A study of college students showed that writing on paper can cause higher brain activity when recalling the information an hour later. 


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