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Travel - October 10, 2022

7 Great Ways to Leave Nigeria for Greener Pastures 

The largest economy in Africa, Nigeria enjoys the benefit of a sizable, energetic, and youthful population that makes up more than 65 percent of its population. Unfortunately, the economy in Nigeria hasn’t helped them grow economically or psychologically, which has led to their forced migration to other countries in search of greener pastures.

About 50 percent of Nigerian youth, according to a recent World Bank survey, prefer to leave the country. With only Liberia -70%- and Sierra Leone -60%- ahead of it in West Africa, the nation came in third.

Nigeria saw a similar increase in visas granted to the UK, going from 5,551 in the first nine months of 2019 to 18,580 in the first nine months of 2021.

The massive rise in migration has been propelled by several economic issues like high unemployment, poverty, insecurity and poor education. In light of this, let’s take a look at seven great ways to leave Nigeria for greener pastures.  


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1. As a student 

One of the most common methods to move from Nigeria is as a student. Although a student visa is normally not for migrating, studying abroad increases your chances of integrating into society once you have finished your studies.

For instance, the UK currently permits foreign students to remain and work there for an additional two years after completing the Graduate Route.

International students can receive an affordable or even free education in many European and Asian countries. Scholarships are also offered by numerous other nations and institutions. You can obtain a valid scholarship with thorough research and a strong application process.

2. As a professional

While this category covers a wide spectrum, many Nigerian professionals are leaving the country to pursue their professions abroad.

Work visas are available in various countries, for those who want to migrate and build their careers. For instance, many Nigerian doctors and nurses are travelling out to work.

Some non-English speaking countries are always on the lookout for native English speakers to immigrate to their countries and teach English. 

Many countries, like Canada, Australia, Spain, the UK, and others, provide startup founders with startup visas that allow you to enter their territory and launch your business.

3. As an investor

Some countries provide investor visas, which allow you to become a citizen or a permanent resident after investing a particular sum of money in the local economy. When you purchase land and properties, you may be able to become a permanent resident in several other nations.

You also can relocate by opening a business in countries that permit you to do so because you would be boosting those nations’ economies.

In some other territories, citizenship can be purchased. To become a citizen, all you need to do is pay the government.

4. As a tourist

Nigerian citizens are eligible to apply for visas to any country in the world. There are neither limitations nor penalties.

Although the application process for visas varies from in different country. You might choose to visit a country before opting to relocate there either temporarily or permanently.

5. Permanent residence 

If your credentials and expertise match the needs of the country’s labour market, you can seek to become a permanent resident and leave Nigeria for greener pastures.

Although Canada is the model for all things related to point-based immigration, other countries also allow this.

Based on their immigration policies, Canada, Australia, the UK, and New Zealand are the four most frequent destinations.

6. Getting married

By becoming engaged and intending to wed, or even better, by getting hitched to a foreign citizen, you can apply for residency. A lot of countries practise this.

For instance, the number of mixed-nativity marriages is increasing, sometimes reaching as high as 20%, in 25 of the 30 European countries.

7. As an asylum seeker 

The main idea of asylum is that an independent country offers refuge in its territory to a person who is fleeing persecution or serious danger or for other reasons, however, the rules differ from country to country.

You can request refuge in other countries if you are escaping persecution in your own nation.

However, because many people apply for asylum even when they are not in danger, don’t anticipate a straightforward and trouble-free process.

To ascertain if you are eligible for refugee status, a formal probing is frequently conducted.


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