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Interviews - October 12, 2022

How IT Expert Lare Ayoola is Leading Internet of Things Revolution in Nigeria

With the acceleration of digital transformation in Africa, the continent is ripe for adopting the Internet of Things (IoT), and Nigerian-born Information Technology guru Lare Ayoola is laying the foundation with IoT Africa Network Limited, a subsidiary of Tranter IT.

After 17 years of building a successful IT company and servicing top-tier businesses across multiple industries in Nigeria, Ayoola is now democratising IoT technology, creating and deploying devices that would make daily living better and easier for all.

In this interview with Business Elites Africa, he reveals how IoT could solve Nigeria’s chronic Power, Water and Agricultural problems and set the country on the path to prosperity.

Source: Business Elites Africa

BEA: Why did you start IoT Africa?

Lare Ayoola: IoT Africa was inspired by the need to find the technology that would be the most useful to humankind over the next 20 years. So we went around to various exhibitions, Tech Weeks, etc., looking for that technology, and settled on the Internet of Things (IoT). 

It touches every facet of life and industry, and it has a lifespan that we cannot see the end in the foreseeable future. So it fits the criteria. Our parent company, Tranter IT, has been in existence for more than 17 years. We provide IT support services, IT automation, and IT infrastructure. But we needed to add something that would be more of a mass appeal. We were wondering how we could be part of everybody’s life and part of everybody’s business. 

We saw that every home needs to be a smart home in one manner or another. Take, for example, an IoT smoke sensor, which will communicate whether there is a fire or not through our network to the internet and your device. Wherever you are, and even if your house is empty, if a fire starts, for whatever reason, you get alerted. In France, for example, There’s a law that every home must have a smoke detector.

So very soon, such a law will be passed in Nigeria, and then there’ll be a 40 million device markets created just by one law, which will create hundreds of thousands of jobs and factories because there’s no way we can import 40 million devices. It doesn’t make any sense at all. We might as well produce our own, and much of it is plastic. 

Plastic is something that any country can manufacture, especially Nigeria. So, because of the nature of IoT, because of the mass appeal, because of the mass markets, and because of the longevity of the business, we felt IoT was the best industry to invest in.

Source: Business Elites Africa

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