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Insight & Analysis - November 3, 2022

Nigeria State with the Highest NIN Enrollment

A policy by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) requires that all telecom subscribers in the country link their SIM cards with their National Identification Numbers (NIN). This policy, introduced in all states in Nigeria in 2020, has been a means to populate its NIN identity enrollment database. 

Since users who did not already have a NIN were required to register in order to use telecom services, the NIN database has grown dramatically over the past two years as a result of the change.

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) reports that as of October 25, 2022, there were 90.68 million NIN subscribers. This indicates that the country saw a total of 17.98 million new enrollments in 2022. In the previous year, 72.7 million figures were enrolled.

Without further ado, here are the top 10 states with the highest NIN enrolments as of October. This rating also reflects on their mobile subscriptions.


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1. Lagos

Lagos, which is the commercial hub in  Nigeria, has retained its dominance in NIN enrollment. Lagos topped the list with 10.2 million registrations as of October 2022. 

The state had the highest number of mobile subscribers in Nigeria as of Q2 with 25 million.

2. Kano

One of the most populous states in Nigeria is Kano, so it is not unexpected that the state has one of the highest NIN enrollment rates. 

Enrollments in the State were 7.9 million as of October. As of Q2, 2022, the state had a record 12.5 million mobile subscriptions.

3. Kaduna 

One of the most populous states in Nigeria in Kaduna. The quantity of NIN enrollments likewise reflects the population of the state. There have been 5.4 million registrations for the identification number in the state. 

Ogun and Oyo, which ranked fourth and fifth in terms of NIN enrollments, got higher active mobile subscriptions than Kaduna. The number of mobile subscribers in Kaduna was 8.7 million in Q2, according to National Bureau Statistics (NBS).

4. Ogun 

With a record of 3.7 million, the South-western State of Ogun had the fourth highest number of NIN enrollments as of October. 

Ogun also ranks higher than other states in the nation in terms of mobile subscriptions. The state had 12.3 million active mobile subscriptions in Q2 of this year, according to NBS data.

5. Oyo 

As of last month, 3.6 million Oyo State people had enrolled for the NIN. 

The state had 3.6 million students enrolled, placing it in fifth place out of the top 10. 

The state has a significant number of mobile subscribers, according to NBS data. 10.8 million people have active subscriptions as of Q2 of that year.

6. Abuja FCT 

The Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja was one of the top 10 states in terms of NIN enrollments, according to the NIMC data. 

Abuja, which has 3.2 million enrollments overall as of last month, was ranked sixth. According to NBS data, there were 9.7 million active mobile subscribers in Abuja as of Q2 2022.

7. Katsina

Katsina, the state where President Muhammadu Buhari was born, finished fourth with 3.1 million NIN enrollments as of October 25. According to NBS data, there were 5.3 million active mobile subscribers in the state in the second quarter of 2022.

8. Rivers

According to the data from October, Rivers State was ranked 8th among the states with the highest NIN enrollment rates. In the database were 2.7 

million residents of the state. 

This also reflects the level of mobile penetration in the state, which at the end of June had 7.3 million active mobile subscribers.

9. Delta

Nine on the list, Delta State has a total enrollment of 2.4 million as of October. In Q2 2022. According to NBS data, there were 7.3 million active mobile subscribers in the state as a whole.

 10. Bauchi 

The North-Eastern state of Bauchi is one of the top states with the most NIN enrolments.

Ranking 10th on the list as of October of this year, Bauchi State had 2.3 million total enrollments. According to information from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), as of Q2 2022, there were 4.2 million active mobile subscribers in the state.


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