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Startup - November 3, 2022

Want to Launch a Startup in Nigeria? Let’s Learn From Techstars Toronto 2022

Techstars Toronto Winter Cohort has selected eight Nigerian startups for its accelerator programme. These startups come from diverse industries and hint at thriving industries for startup innovation. 

Launching a startup in Nigeria comes with a myriad of challenges, but sometimes all you might need to get started is an idea that’s already been tested. Let’s learn a thing or two from these Nigerian tech startups.

Fez Delivery – Last Mile Delivery

Ecommerce in Nigeria still has a long way to go, leaving vast opportunities for the logistics space. If you’re an aspiring startup founder, you might just have a role to play in this $60 billion industry. Fez Delivery was founded by Seun Alley and offers last mile delivery service to individuals and businesses across Nigeria. The start also operates in other parts of West Africa and East Africa.


Renda’s logistics systems make it easy for e-commerce platforms to process large volumes of orders across Africa. It’s the brainchild founded by Abimbola Onaboye and Opeoluwa Onaboye.

GIGXPAD – Digital asset and payments

This is your sign to research the digital asset and payments space in Nigeria, you might just be founder of the next big thing. 

This is an all-in-one digital asset and cross-border payment platform that streamlines the process of saving, investing and spending digital assets. GIGXPAD was founded by Chukwudi Anyanwuocha, Godswill Omozusi and Osamede Arhunmwunde.

Raenest – Recruiting and Payroll

The workplace holds a lot of opportunities upon which to build a successful startup. Pick your challenge; recruitment, payroll or even salary advance, and get to work. 

Raenest, is a recruiting and payroll platform that allows African startups to integrate remote contractors and workers. It was founded by Richard Oyome, Sodruldeen Mustapha, and Victor Alade.

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Glover Technologies – Gift Card Marketplace

With the rise of digital assets, more Nigerians are trading gift cards. Glover Technologies, founded in 2021 by Damilola Layode and Hanu Fejiro, is a marketplace for gift cards and digital assets. Patricia Technologies introduced the company as a way to oversee the company’s non-crypto services.


The E-learning industry is projected to be worth $645 billion, and by 2030, revenue in the online learning platforms in Nigeria is expected to reach $88.15m in 2022.

Klas is a platform that allows everyday people to start an online school and deliver live lessons. Founder, Nathan Nwachuku describes it as a Shopify for online teaching.


was launched into private beta in November 2021; it is an all-in-one omnichannel inbox that allows businesses to receive and send messages across different platforms—email, Whatsapp, SMS, iMessage, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter—from a single dashboard.

Founded by Kolawole Balogun, Collins Iheagwara, and Tioluwani Kolawole, Simpu raised a $1 million seed in June 2022.

Laborhack – Jobs for Artisans

LaborHack is a Nigerian-based marketplace that connects artisans to certifications and jobs, as well as laddered services such as payments, savings, micro credit, and micro health insurance. It was founded in 2020 by Oare Ehiemua-Ochui.

Mamy Eyewear

Kenyan Mamy Eyewear,  a Kenyan eyewear brand founded in 2021 in Paris, aims to increase access to visual health by making quality eyewear available and offering free eye tests.

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