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Profiles - November 7, 2022

Microsoft’s Yemi Orimolade is an Advocate for African Youths in Tech

Yemi Orimolade is a Nigerian technocrat whose work at Microsoft is yielding positive outcomes for Nigeria’s tech ecosystem. The Communications Expert and Microsoft’s Senior Business Program Manager has over fourteen years of experience. Orimolade spearheads strategies to advance the corporate reputation of the tech giant and maintain progressive government and stakeholder relations.

Omrimolade is highly passionate about finding opportunities in new markets and leveraging immense potential through advocating for the advancement of young people in Africa. In this vein, Microsoft launched the Microsoft Africa Development Center (ADC) Learn series, which empowers the youth in digital literacy with the effective deployment of technology for social & economic impact.

In a Linkedin post, Omorilade said, “The versatility of C# allows it to build various kinds of applications and solutions across web, mobile and video games! Join our next #ADCLearnSeries to discover all the opportunities you can unlock by mastering C#.”

ADC Learn Series: C# Connect

The next ADC Learn Series — C# Connect, will take place on Friday, the 11th of November, 2022, at 4pm. The one-hour event is centred on learning C# programming, career opportunities and key trends.

Engineers at Microsoft would assist you in expanding your understanding of the power of primitive data types in C#, as well as how C# is now open source and what types of applications, solutions, and projects can be built with C#, ranging from gaming to Windows Web Applications, eCommerce GUI, Online Voting Apps, Logistics, and so on.

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