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Visionaries - November 8, 2022

Meet Clement Hugbo: A Web3.0 Designer Earning $15K Monthly

Clement Hubgbo is aWeb 3.0 designer, and the CEO of Crevatal and Web3D. Hugbo has worked with top companies like Index Coop, Nestcoin, Polygon, and Bundle. However, he didn’t start his career tech as a designer. 

According to him, his lessons from taking minimal roles and getting a small paycheck have taken him to the niche of blockchain products. 

The fundamental notion behind blockchain is that there is a type of distributed consensus rather than an arbitrary central authority.

With Web 3.0, applications and services employ a decentralised blockchain in place of a centralised database.

Being a designer, in Hubgbo’s opinion, is being able to recognise colours, fonts, and placement,

 “As a designer, all the basics you need to know revolve around some of your regular activities.” 


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How he started 

In 2015, Clement Hugbo made his tech debut as a media archivist, a position unrelated to design. This role involved manual imputation because cloud storage wasn’t as popular.

Hugbo transitioned from archiving material to working for Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Logistics as an enterprise resource planning (ERP) consultant and developer, using Systems Applications and Products (SAP) to oversee everyday operations for businesses including the Dangote Group and the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC).

Following that, he discovered front-end development and rose to the position of front-end lead for a blockchain project. He collaborated closely with designers and occasionally had to create his own designs.

The year 2018 saw his first foray into design, motivated by his passion for blockchain and cryptocurrency.

“I love the fact that I could send money to anybody anywhere. I was fascinated by the technology, and I wanted to be a part of it; I felt the design would be the best place to start.” 

Hugbo began accepting design projects for blockchain and cryptocurrency without having had professional design training.

Venturing into entrepreneurship

When Clement Hugbo decided to become a designer, YouTube was his go-to source for learning.

“When I started, I didn’t bother about the principles or basics of design; I just wanted to design. I went on YouTube, checked what someone was doing, and tried replicating it.”

Hugbo made the decision to purchase several design courses that improved his design skills after starting to make money from his designs. He would frequently refer back to them months after finishing the courses since, in his opinion, they were essential.

Soon, Hugbo founded his own two companies, Crevatal and Web3D which were both inspired by his curiosity about blockchain technology. Web3 UX design firm, Crevatal was launched to provide blockchain solutions that are easier to use.

Hugbo claims that because designers aren’t given enough consideration in product development, many people find using blockchain technology difficult.

To address some of the issues he ran through as a designer, he founded Web3D more recently.

He worked with a Nigerian blockchain business early in his design career while attempting to build a global product. 

He took on multiple positions at the company, juggling motion graphics, motion design, software engineering, and photography for as low as $115 per month, in an effort to get as much experience as possible in the field.

However, he was unable to exploit any of the challenging work he completed for the company to obtain a higher position because it closed under hugely controversial circumstances.

“Working on Web3D is a personal mission for me. Many designers can’t talk about the fantastic things they are doing because sometimes they feel depressed about their work; they feel they’re not good enough.

Web3D enables designers to acquire, produce, and market design assets and introduce them to clients who see their full worth.

What is Web3.0

The third generation of web technology is known as Web 3.0. It is decentralised, leverages artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, connectivity, and ubiquity, in contrast to its forerunners.

The innovative Solana blockchain was used to create the game-changing decentralised, encrypted, and secure messaging software, Secretum. It also enables users to trade crypto assets as easily as sending an SMS due to cutting-edge architecture. 


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