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News - December 2, 2022

Who are the Richest Content Creators in Nigeria?

Video streaming giant YouTube recently released a list of top trending content creators from Nigeria. Apart from YouTubers with the highest subscriber and viewership, the platform has also created some of the richest content creators in Nigeria.

According to YouTube, it paid over $50 billion to creators, artists, and media companies in the last three years. The chief executive officer (CEO) of YouTube, Susan Wojcicki, disclosed this in her speech at the inaugural ‘Made on YouTube’ event. She said, “The YouTube Partner Program was revolutionary when we launched it in 2007, and it’s still revolutionary today. Over the last three years, YouTube has paid creators, artists, and media companies more than $50bn dollars.

That $50bn has changed the lives of creators around the world and enabled new voices and stories to be told. But we’re not done yet. When we introduced the YouTube Partner Program, we made a big bet. We succeed only when our creators succeed. And today, we’re doubling down. We’re introducing the next chapter in how we reward creativity on our platform by expanding access to our YouTube Partner program.”

According to the platform, its game-changing plan of short videos created more revenue streams for creators. So far, the plan has been successful, with over 1.5 billion users monthly and an average of more than 30 billion daily views. The more views, the more income that comes to them.


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Top YouTube Content Creators in Nigeria 2022

Apart from the income, the streaming platform recently identified some of the top content creators in Nigeria whose subscriber base will increase tremendously in 2022. According to the list, comedian Michael Charles (known as Real OGB Recent), leads the list, followed by comedian Emmanuel Chukwuemeka (known as Oga Sabinus).

Other creators are Neptune3 Studios, Official BRODA SHAGGI, BrainJotter Comedian, HouseOfAjebo, TAAOOMA’S CABIN, KieKieTV, MSA (formerly My Story Animated) and Officer Woos. 

Richest Content Creators in Nigeria

With millions of subscribers and viewership, YouTube has created some of Nigeria’s richest content creators. Now with billions of users, the net worth of some of the new and existing creators continues to increase.

This led to the emergence of some of the notable creators, such as Mark Angel, which has 8.61 million subscribers and millions of viewers monthly. With the viewership, he earns millions of naira monthly from YouTube ads, personal adverts and sponsorships, affiliate marketing and brand promotion.

Some other creators building wealth from their comedy skits are Broda Shaggi (Samuel Perry), Tacoma Cabin, and Mr Macaroni, among others.


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