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Visionaries - December 5, 2022

Making $300k Yearly in Lagos: The Story of Pamilerin Adegoke

Lagos, Nigeria, is a bustling city that runs around the clock. It’s a commercial centre in the heart of Africa, a continent where youths make up 60% of the population. This means many young people like Adegoke Pamilerin continue to push past limits to live better lives.

An increasing number of talented young people are ditching their 9-5 life and its cap on just how much they can earn in a year. Join us as we take you on a trip with millennials here in Lagos who are earning up to $300k yearly as free agents.

We’ll begin with one of Nigeria’s trailblazing digital marketers and social media influencers, Adegoke Pamilerin. This vibrant young man makes between $200k – $300k yearly living in Lagos. Getting to work in the morning for Pamilerin is the epitome of owning one’s time and being in full control of just how much you can earn. 

In a feature with Rediscover, Pamilerin walks towards his Mercedes-Benz SUV – GLE 400 (over an estimated N30 million), while making a call with a client. He hops into his ride that oozes luxury and is off to a meeting. This brand influencer develops winning strategies for clients both locally and internationally and earns in hard currency. 

The Pamilerin’s success holds a lot of inspiration for aspiring youths and literally anyone who wants to take control of their earning power. 

How he spends daily

Pamilerin lives alone in a  three-room apartment in a highbrow neighbourhood in Lagos. The creative has designated one room to himself, one as a closet and another as a guest room. He’s got a PS5 in his living room, mainly to entertain his friends. Pamilerin’s rent costs about N4 million per month. His estimated monthly budget is around $6,500 (N4,907,500 at black market rate).

Photo: Rediscover

A lover of automobiles, Pamilerin seems to favour the Mercedes brand. “My cars usually don’t give me issues, so I basically spend more on fuel. A full tank is about N16,900,” said Pamilerin, who also added, “I buy monthly data on my phone for N21,000.” For his gym subscription, he spends N15,900 per month; he doesn’t have a trainer and gets fit with his friends. While living it up, Pamilarin also contributes significantly to the welfare of his 5 siblings.

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Pamilerin’s Savings and Investments

Pamilerin ensures that 60% – 70% of his earnings go into savings every month. Understanding his love for gadgets, he curbs his tendency to splurge on these by buying them only once a year. He estimates that he’s saving N1.6 million monthly.

Stock and real estate are major areas for Pamilerin’s investments. He also co-owns a couple of restaurants – Lacibo and Flames, all on the Lagos Mainland. These food businesses take a small portion of his time, allowing him to continue to grow brands. 

Finding his superpower

Adegoke Pamilerin studied marine engineering but has found huge success in the digital space. He was introduced to entrepreneurship at an early age. Pamilerin’s father made him the managing director of his printing press while he was still in secondary school. Pamilerin credits that leadership role as what built him into who he is today. 

By the time Palilerin was at the University, he already had a good grasp of graphics design and was earning money designing ID cards and yearbooks for several departments. 

Going stronger

In his session with Rediscover, Pamilerin showcased a gift from La Liga on the back of a brief he was going to shoot for the league. And another from crypto giant, Binance. Pamilerin continues to provide premium value for brands while living his best life.

Talking about long-term goals, he said, 

“I know everyone wants to be a billionaire; I just want to be comfortable. I want to be able to afford the basic things of life. I’m not putting pressure on myself. As long as I want to travel here and I can afford it, my kids want this, and I can afford it. ‘O dad, it’s hot in Nigeria, can we go to London?’. Yes. Jump on the next available flight. If I can afford that, that is all I need. 

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