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Opinions - December 6, 2022

5 Soft Skills To Increase your Earnings in 2023

Apart from educational skills, there are also specific soft skills that every employee needs to increase their earnings in the workplace. Without the skills, the yearning and planning for a dream job will remain a dream. This is because the increase in employee turnover will make it difficult to land the best jobs as you are competing against some of the best talents.

According to the survey conducted by Deloitte, some companies said that one of their biggest challenges with the increase in employee turnover is attracting the best talents. To therefore thrive in the employee market and have the edge over others, you need skills that are sort for by these companies.

Also, the report conducted by LinkedIn shows that the place of soft skills cannot be overemphasised. It says that training for soft skills is the number one priority. To have an edge, here are some soft skills you can learn to increase your earnings in 2023.


One of the most sort after skills is creativity. Although some people have narrowed the term down to artistic endeavours, it surpasses and cuts across other industries. It is the ability to generate new and original ideas. The ability to think out of the box and be innovative and inventive.

Since every business wants to be unique, employers need people who can creatively think of ways to transform ideas into million-dollar ideas. This skill is essential as the world is tilting towards automation. One of the ways to therefore remain relevant and earn more is to be creative.

Though artificial intelligence (A.I.) is taking over some tasks, one of the tasks that will remain relevant is creativity. Hence put in all your effort to develop and perfect the skill to stay relevant and increase your earnings.


The ability to persuade people to part with their money for your service or product is an indispensable skill. It is the act of getting your point across. Unlike its counterpart, manipulation, persuasion is an invaluable and positive skill that will impact relationships with family and loved ones.

It is also a must-have skill if you plan to get a promotion or sell yourself during an interview or business engagement. If applied correctly, it can improve every aspect of your life.


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One of the key skills in a workplace is collaboration. This is the ability to work, relate and communicate efficiently with people. One of the ways to master it is to find a common goal. Having a common goal is what makes people work together. The ability to effectively understand it will be the propeller that will take you to different places and make you a better collaborator and a team player

Due to the importance of teamwork in the workplace, employers need efficient team players to create a good work environment. Harnessing this skill will therefore make you indispensable. Hence, master how to negotiate, persuade and collaborate properly. This way, you are developing your people skills.


Leadership skills can be developed by anyone, as leaders are not born. This is the ability to resolve problems, inspire people and help them to attain a common goal. Although the qualities of a leader come naturally to some, the fact remains that hard work remains vital. Even when the instinct is there, and hard work is amiss, they will remain undeveloped. Hence, learning to be a great leader requires competence, hard work, emotional competence and assertiveness.

The importance of a good leader in the productivity and growth of a business thus makes it a highly sort after skill with excellent remuneration. Develop your leadership skill, and your bargaining and earning chips will increase. To improve your soft leadership skills, consider taking on an actual leadership role or more responsibilities in the workplace.

Critical thinking

Every day, we come across different information. There is, therefore, the need to know how to rationally sieve and analyse the less critical information from the essential facts. The ability to do this stems down to two things. The understanding of how the world works and critical thinking.

Although critical thinking is the ability to think clearly and rationally to make a decision, it involves things such as personal biases, cultural assumptions, methods of solving problems, and the desire to control the outcome of a problem and the expected outcome of a situation.

Despite this, the key to critical thinking is to be objective and detached from the situation. Your level of self-awareness determines this. Critical thinking is enhanced by your ability to define the problem, ask questions, evaluate evidence and consider potential solutions. This skill must be developed to help make better futuristic decisions, leading to a better life, relationship and work.


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