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Opinions - December 6, 2022

5 Ways Money Can Buy Back your Freedom

Although money cannot buy happiness, it can still help buy your freedom. Even though freedom is more than money, you stand a better chance with a fat bank account.

The truth is that neither being poor nor having money can make you happy. However, Money can buy freedom if you know how to use it, and freedom gives you the time to discover what makes you happy.

Here are ways money can give you the freedom you crave.

Take financial control of your life

To be free, you need to be rich and to get rich; you need money. Hence you need to be in charge of the flow of money in your life to be rich. The fact is money is like air, it flows every. When you have enough to breathe, you do not think about it as you are free. However, you cannot think about anything else while continuously gasping for air.

This can make you miserable, and in an effort to stop being sad, you will enslave yourself on purpose. To therefore set yourself free, getting wealthy is the quickest path to take. However, you can only be if you are in charge of your income streams. 

Quit the life-consuming job

On the contrary, working for someone will never lead to financial freedom but enslavement. This is because you will have to continue working extremely hard to earn and plan for everything that involves spending money, such as vacating with your family and friends. 

Since you are worried, you soothe yourself by saying all is well. You went as far as landing the highest-paying job that could, at the very least, give you the lifestyle you desire. The truth is that you have it all wrongly figured out. 

Instead of toiling away at a job in the hope of one day being able to afford a lifestyle that gives freedom, choose the lifestyle you want and then research what kind of profession or business will enable it. Remember that nobody is obligated to ensure you achieve your goals in life; it comes down to you.


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Forgive the past

Mistakes and failures are part of life, and what we do with them is left to us. If you decide to hold on to them instead of moving on, you will get held down by the chains of past trauma and pain. These tend to keep you bound for years, thus missing different opportunities that could have set you free and taken you to the next phase of your life. You can buy freedom from the past by taking the bold step of first consulting a therapist. A therapist can help you unlock the shackles that have kept you from being free and living life to the fullest. 

The truth is that people who let the past determine the present are no longer living. No matter what has happened, you owe it to yourself to live in the moment and appreciate it. What happened shouldn’t have, but holding onto your self-made prison of self-doubt and misery won’t help you. Just know that the past is a terrible master, and the more you hold on to the pains of the past, the more you get hurt. Hence, forgive and move forward to freedom.

Be in charge of your time

No matter how much money you have, you are not free if someone can tell you where to be, when to be there, and what to do with your time. The best indicator of freedom is having control over our own time. Hence, you need complete control over your thoughts, body, and time to be truly free.

With this realisation, conventional employment is gradually going extinct as people are starting to look for alternative jobs. This has resulted in millions of people becoming independent contractors, consultants, or freelancers. This way, they have more time, earn more, and be in charge of their time.

Make your money work for you

To be free, you need to build wealth. One of the ways to do this is to make your money work for you. The fact is you can never be prosperous if you sacrifice your time for money. You could be wealthy for a while, but true prosperity is the peace of mind that comes from not feeling obligated to do anything.

Leverage is the essential building block of earning money while you sleep. So ask yourself what you create once and market a million times. Identifying this is your pathway to financial freedom.


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