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Industry - December 12, 2022

5 Sujimoto Quotes To Inspire You To Success

Sijibomi Ogundele, a pioneer and the founder of the Sujimoto Group, has redefined luxury in Nigeria’s real estate industry.

He is well known for building spectacular structures like Cosimo and Lorenzo, the Eye of Bourdillion, and he is now progressively bringing his long-dreamed-of reality into existence.

The 40-year-old former venture capitalist belongs to a new generation of Nigerian businesspeople who aggressively challenge conventional wisdom and create empires based on contemporary principles, the kind required for 21st-century enterprises.

Sujimoto is a daring young businessman who Forbes Africa describes as “set to revolutionise the luxury real estate market in Nigeria; setting standards of excellence and simultaneously expanding his interests in construction, infrastructure, and entertainment,” a feat that has made him a man to watch out for in the revolution of Nigeria’s prime real estate industry. 

Here are five Sujimoto quotes that will inspire you to success.  


Sujimoto Founder and Philanthropist Sijibomi Ogundele Returns to His Agege

1. The game of success

“Success is a game and to be successful in the game of success. You must understand the rules and regulations that guide it.”

He supposedly first met his mentor Sujimoto Koga while he was in his early 20s. Who taught him that attaining success is in fact a game that you must learn to play? 

It is one thing to wish to be wealthier, healthier, and more productive at work this year; it is quite another to comprehend the rules controlling growth in these areas of life. Before participating, it is crucial to comprehend the game’s regulations.

Before diving headfirst into your activities in 2016, take a moment to consider your approach. Are you using best practises? Do they constitute a requirement for success? If the answer is no, you already know what to do.

You can discover the answers to important questions regarding your expertise in a certain industry or field by asking yourself such questions.

2.  You Can Become Whoever You Want

“Leadership isn’t born. It is made.”

He made this declaration while being interviewed some time ago. In the end, there isn’t a skill that can’t be picked up or learned. Your reality is something you make up. You can reinvent yourself no matter where you come from.

No matter what your restrictions were in 2015, they are no longer relevant. You are on the road to personal rehabilitation once you are truthful enough with yourself to acknowledge your own shortcomings.

To fix your Achilles heel, whatever it may be, it is necessary to take real, specific, and measurable steps in addition to recognising your deficiencies.

Nothing in this world is impossible to learn with the right devotion and effort. Making a list of the traits you wish to actively develop in yourself this year and behaving accordingly would be fantastic.

3.  Bench-marking The Best

“Dubai has grown from a city of camel and sands and has become the city of marbles and towers. This is what we can replicate in our country.’’ 

When outlining the company’s mission. He used the example of Dubai, which, despite originally being a city of camels, sand, and stones, has recently come to represent the pinnacle of architectural perfection.

He is confident that Nigeria can achieve the same feat if a nation with that kind of topography was able to maximise its potential and compete with the greatest in the world in terms of architectural masterpieces.

It is significant to remember that he is developing a business and measuring his structures against the best in the world. When establishing our goals for this year, we should keep this in mind.

4. Stop Rationalising Your Failures

“Anybody can start justifying their failures with excuses.’’

As any Nigerian businessperson, investor, or entrepreneur will attest. Doing business in a nation like ours is challenging because so many things seem to be working against you.

However, accepting failure due to a lack of a perfect setting or infrastructure would be foolish. “Never rationalise your failures with excuses,” advises Sujimoto, and he is absolutely correct. 

A new year has begun. It is past time for you to quit blaming your upbringing, spouse, boss, or place of employment for your results. Accept accountability.

5. Think Big 

‘’It might be impossible to fly, but we’ll make it possible for people to swim in the sky.’’

A 25-story world-class building called Lorenzo is being built in Victoria Island by the Sujimoto company. This will be Nigeria’s first luxury building when it is finished in 2018. 

It is one that calls into question Nigeria’s long-standing conception of “Luxury.” Modern technology may be found in every corner and cranny of the enormous building.


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