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Sports - December 19, 2022

How Much is Argentina Set to Earn After Defeating France in the World Cup?

In addition to the pride and silverware in partaking in Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup, there is also a lot of prize money up for grabs. And with Argentina defeating France in the World Cup final, the country just became richer. 

While winning the coveted trophy and doing their countries proud were the priorities for the majority of teams, there are unquestionably real advantages to winning on the largest platform.

The prize money can be especially helpful for smaller countries as they work to build their home countries’ infrastructure and development routes in preparation for future tournaments.

FIFA hasn’t held back in previous years when it comes to World Cup prize money, and 2022 is no exception — there are record-breaking sums up for grabs.


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Total prize money for the 2022 World Cup

For the Qatar 2022 World Cup, FIFA allocated $440 million in prize money.

Just $358 million in prize money was offered at the Brazil 2014 World Cup, a $40 million increase to the 2018 competition.

FIFA’s revenue budget for 2022 was $4.6 billion, a considerable figure, with television rights accounting for $2.6 billion of that total.

How much cash will Argentina receive as the 2022 World Cup champions?

After Argentina defeating France and emerging as the Qatar World Cup champions they will receive a record $42 million in prize money, FIFA said in April 2022.

This represents an increase of $4 million from 2018 and maintains a 40-year pattern in which the winners’ cash packages have grown significantly.

Before 2006, World Cup champions were never paid more than $10 million, with Italy’s victory in 1982 earning them an estimated $2.2 million.

National teams made a strong push for FIFA to enhance prize money in 2002, and the increased World Cup revenue has subsequently ensured that winning teams have received such payouts.

How much did each team earn from the World Cup 2022 prize money?

With such a large prize pool, each team will leave Qatar much richer.

Each country had to pay a $1.5 million participation fee only to qualify for the 2022 World Cup. But after arriving at the competition, teams might earn significantly more money by making it to the knockout rounds.

According to FIFA’s prize money breakdown, teams that advanced to the semifinals in Qatar earned more than the 2006 World Cup champions did.

2022 FinishPrize money (USD)
Group stage$9m
Round of 16$13m
Fourth place$25m
Third place$27m

How much money do World Cup athletes make?

Players gain financially by competing at a World Cup because they are the foundation of any successful squad.

Although base salaries vary amongst national teams and individual players, they do receive a portion of any winnings for their team.

Germany pledged to offer each of its players a bonus of over $400,000 if they won the World Cup on home soil in 2006, and FIFA permits each team to select how much of the prize money it will award to players.

Each of Australia’s players received AU$ 226,000 in 2022, and an additional $290,000 if they advanced to the knockout rounds.

Depending on each federation’s financial status, other countries may have offered their players a little more or a little less than this sum.


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