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News - December 19, 2022

Rwandan President Paul Kagame Sides with China in Power Tussle with USA

Rwandan President Paul Kagame has sided with China in the conflict between the West and Africa.

Numerous economic concerns between the interested parties were discussed during the US-Africa Leaders’ Summit, which took place between December 13 and 15, including the US’s current and future business dealings with Africa.

This would entail expanding America’s sphere of influence in Africa, which implies reducing the impact that other markets like China have been able to accrue over time.

Even though the administration of President Joe Biden made clear that the conference had nothing to do with China’s economic sway in Africa, the topic was nonetheless glossed over.


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Africa has the right to explore financial partnerships 

The president of Rwanda freely acknowledged that Africa has the right to look into forming financial alliances with anybody she likes. He was outspoken about Africa’s desire to strengthen its relationship with China.

In terms of trade and economic cooperation with Africa, China has recently eclipsed the US thanks to its business partnerships with a number of African states.

“I don’t think we need to be bullied into making or taking choices – choosing between the US or China; it’s really none of our business. I think we need to have both and others as partners as long as they respect us and understand that we have something to contribute,” the President said.

In addition, he urged the west to quit whining about China’s impact on Africa and start responding to the continent’s developmental needs.

The supposed debt trap China is building for the motherland is one of the reasons raised by the West against China’s economic cooperation with African nations.

African nations today owe Western institutions three times as much debt than China does, despite the fact that China’s debt to the continent is still increasing.

President Kagame also addressed the issue of debt, adding that in his view, Africa has some of the blame for China’s increasing debt to the continent because of its excessive borrowing. He acknowledged that Africa must reduce its borrowing from China if the debt issue is to be resolved.


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