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Magazine - January 2, 2023

Who are Africa’s Leading Real Estate Giants?

We’re pleased to present this edition of Business Elites Africa – Africa’s Leading Real Estate Giants. In today’s defining moment, more people predict a global recession in 2023. On the contrary, brave minds see opportunities in the economic outlook. Gems of bright business minds are retooling and strategising ahead of the global economic woes.

The rise of African fintech and its real estate demands will contribute immensely to economic growth; as venture capitalists double their bets in Africa. The real estate sector continues to experience growth in the region due to the rising population and high demand for housing in major markets. 

Contained within these pages are profiles of Africa’s leading real estate giants. These men and women have held centre stage for years in redefining the African real estate market and sector. 

We prefer to refer to these gems as Africa’s finest real estate business minds. Their stories and aptitude are stirring, never void of heartache and pains as some may think. These success stories have common denominators: insights and compelling mission, strategic road map, vibrant team members and management staff. 

We also garnished the pages of this edition with engaging articles and business tips that are incisive and actionable. We’ve always strived to capture the breaking news about the African economy.

On behalf of the team at Business Elites Africa, I would like to thank the business minds featured in this issue for allowing us to tell their stories and participate in our publication.

Many thanks to you, our ardent readers and followers. Our continued existence and relevance is owed to you. Your partnership and support on this journey are greatly appreciated as I welcome you into 2023.

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